What Men Truly Desire From Women

  • To be seen through their flaws 
  • To be forgiven Mutual trust 
  • To be felt with compassion 
  • To not be judged by their past, but by their actions in the now 
  • Co-creation 
  • Freedom to BE their truth 
  • Respected and revered 
  • Believed in

And let’s be real for a moment, these are basic HUMAN needs and really can only be met in a healthy way when we reciprocate, are willing to do our work, and open to receiving. We need to begin with ourselves, we ultimately are the common denominator in our own lives.

I know I was in mine and needed to shift internally before I unconsciously or consciously demanded more from others.

I recall in my relationships I once demanded a great deal but wasn’t prepared to give. I was arrogant, entitled, and stubborn. This caused me to not only lack common relationship sense, but it also placed me spaces of resentment, projection, and blame.

Everything that went wrong in my life was someone else’s fault. Never mine. I would get so angry at others because “no one ever understood me” or “I wasn’t respected enough”. Truth is I wasn’t behaving in a way where others could match that.

And… When they did I did not deem myself worthy enough to receive that love. Oh did I have to do some deeper work around my unresolved trauma and self-worth to all of the others in? I began my journey of awareness, I hired coaches, sought spiritual healers, read, meditated, let go of, dealt with my trauma, did extensive breath and somatic work and healed my relationships to my parents, past and self and much more.

Easy? No. Worth it? Yes. Two questions for you…

1… What are YOU willing to release in order to become the best version of you?

2… What do you most need in relationship?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Desire Is NOT Toxic – Another Spin On Wanting

Wanting and desire get a bad rep – let’s flip this notion…
We think if we desire for life we are unhealthy, selfish and disconnected. We are ‘bad’ people if we desire. It is not that we are desiring, it is HOW we desire that sets the tone for our movement and existence in this life.

Close Your Eyes – Open Your Soul

Imagine moving close to the one that tantalises the sensation of alertness on your skin, but not too close.

Visualise your body making ever the slightest of contact on the body of your beloved for the first time, then immediately pulling away.

Feel your breath become more rapid with anticipation.

Appreciation – Life – Connection – Death

We love, we live, we laugh, we cry, we feel the fullness of life. Life only passes us when we live in states where we do not appreciate what we have. Life passes us by so quickly, because rather than being present to the wonder of the moment, our mind is fast forwarding to a perceived to be more desirable place.

Are You Lost In The Doing?

Ever feel there is more…? The masculine expression in economic pursuit has become so lost in “doing” that he has forgotten to ask “what is worth doing”? This is not about being “anti-business”, this is about alignment of truths…

Healing the Goddess Wound

Healing the goddess wound is going to require effort from all of us. The goddess was once revered. Time to bring this honoring back. What is the goddess wound? It is the suppression of the divine potential and value of the feminine expressive that we all require in order to live harmoniously and flourish sexually, socially, relationally and technologically.


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