Dynamic coaching designed for groups of individuals ready for massive transformation


This is a unique private coaching offering where 2, 3 or 4 individuals come together to add immense value to each other’s lives and come together in a small and intimate group coaching environment that is a fraction of the cost of deep 1 on 1 coaching, yet offers immense and divergent value in UNCHANGING WAYS. We need tribe now more than ever. Isolation is rampant in our society at the moment and with this has come many complications, fears and pains. Current times are uncertain and going back to the “old normal” is not viable and also scary. We don’t have to completely change. We can bring some good from the past in to our future, but how to choose? This is where I come in and so does this deep-dive group coaching. Navigating these times carries fear and the unknown. In this container you cultivate the inner tools to face the challenges that life holds, the ever-changing landscape of relationship, economics and culture.

You will learn how to be innovative and creative in your habits, personal practices, relationships, families and work life, prepare and POSITION yourself for the next wave of what society looks and feels like AND, most of importantly: you do this together – you grow together – you support each other and you learn from each other – the energy in this container of growth and learning is amazing. This container is invaluable in the sense that you truly realize you are not alone and the personal attention you receive is very high touch point. The same principles and circumstances apply to this coaching structure as they do to the 1 on 1 coaching platform. This is a more cost-effective option that also carries the value of team-bonding, mirroring and learning from each other in an accelerated way. It becomes more cost-effective with more people – 4 individuals is the most cost-effective option.



What you receive:

  • 90min sessions
  • 3-month journey
  • 2x deep-dive sessions per month
  • Unlimited support
  • Immense growth 
  • New perspectives
  • All sessions are recorded
  • Schedule is set in advance
  • New trusted tribe

You may be asking the following:
“But will my needs be drowned out by the voices of others”? No, as equitable attention is given to all and you have access to me in between our sessions.

“But what if my problems are not related to the others”? We are all interconnected and we learn from each other more than we know. The greatest feedback I receive in group coaching is that each individual didn’t realize how much they could learn from another. Remember, we LEARN and GROW through contrast. It feels liberating to not feel alone. Additionally, the group is curated to ensure you are all in alignment with PRECISELY what you NEED.

This program is for:

  • Those who are interested in small, very intimate group 1 on 1 coaching
  • Those who are ready to invest in themselves, their relationships and a new empowered future
  • Those who are willing to grow with others and learn best in a small highly connected group
  • Those ready to not go back to the “old-way” and embrace a new way of being