Deep Truth – The Power Of Masculine Realisation


We must understand that the masculine and the feminine reside within both males and females and apply to both males and females for each other and for themselves.


It is through allegory and story that we learn deeply and profoundly. This is one of our most ancient forms of learning…


The True Masculine

When the masculine realises that allowing the feminine to feel safe and secure will bare the fruits of confidence, clarity and TRUE freedom – the masculine is liberated from the pain of disconnection, confusion and fears. When the feminine feels safe, she nurtures, she allows, she flows, she is beautifully creative and the masculine is in complete awe and inspiration of this – he is deeply supported in his integrated and interconnected journey.

When the masculine is inspired, he is solid, strong, connected, supportive, loving, endearing and powerfully PRESENT. The feminine then thrives on this and also deeply supports the masculine in all that he is. Here, in this space freedom is redefined for the masculine. How beautiful for the masculine to support openly the feminine, to allow her openly to care and nurture him with out fear. To hold strong presence and be naturally comfortable with his undying love for his beautiful spirit woman. Sometimes as men, we feel this but the fear can be overwhelming, perceived to be constricting and overbearing. But our love is very much there. We just need to learn how to express it with clarity.


My Own Experiences With Fear

In my own experiences I have been consumed by various fears in the past that have run my life and the manner in which I express outwardly and behave. My intentions have been sincere and authentic but have been tainted with the story of fear of commitment and restriction in ‘freedom’.

Only through personal loss and deep seated pain (through that loss of old identity and self and another) has that understanding of freedom been redefined. It has come at great loss – the greatest love of my life… Yes, there has also been gain, tremendous gain – the full opening of my heart. What a gift to my own path and to the path of others as I can show up fully and more authentically now.

But we are human and pain is pain and pain still f*****g hurts. It is also deeply revelatory and revealing. It is insightful and our greatest teacher. Whilst my heart is fully open, for the first time I am feeling at right now what is complete depth and with that comes deep vulnerability and an influx of overwhelming emotions. Again, in my own path – I was only able to realise this through the loss of what was most important to me outside of my own wellbeing (the most beautiful being in my life).

I allowed fear to run my life and could not fully hold in truth the feminine as she needed to be held. To feel safe, secure, to know I loved her with out doubt, to feel fully connected and held – that she was my complete focus with respect to projected sacred and intimate love.

Sincere Intention & Love

My intention was there, and I wanted that, and expressed that but fear also simultaneously spoke and it spoke a little louder and that compounds and affects the soft, gentle and loving nature of the feminine… When the masculine can express in uninterrupted truth and fullness, with a complete commitment to the feminine and self, TRUE and genuine freedom is felt from all involved.

The undying and devoted love of the feminine is all the freedom we as men actually require – know this and know it well men! As men (and women), we must let go of archaic and conditioned notions of what freedom represents, connect to our truth, express our love openly (devoid of fear) and give fully in order to receive fully.

The Masculine Must Be Open To Learning

The masculine has a great deal to learn from the divine feminine. We simply must hold strong for her, be true and love her and ourselves openly. I know my greatest lessons came from my greatest love. I can only hope in the most detached way possible that she intuitively connects to the power that she gave and imparted to me, the deep teachings she provided me and the wisdom she imparted and know that all of that transformed the person I am right NOW in so many ways (it is not too late – it rarely ever is).

And that there is deep alignment in her heart so that she may fly and float back to merge and connect, for what she wanted is what I am right NOW because of her and because of my continued journeying in to self – to refuse to ignore the pain and continue to delve deep in to all that I am. A beautiful journey for us all to embrace – growth and change… Love underlines it all and love gives us everything we need. It is the foundation, but we must continue to delve deep, communicate openly, feel fully and be present and aware.

The Power Of Persistence

We must persist with our growth and move through the pain. It truly shall release us… In my line of ‘work’ and service to Earth and humanity it is necessary I feel, we all feel in order to empathise and connect. Therefore, no feelings are ever lost or wasted. With careful insight, intention and attention we grow and we become wiser, deeper aware, greater connected and more value to those we serve.

We are not immune to pain nor suffering. It is often deeper and more challenging especially if you choose to fully embrace the feelings and the pain associated with them, but it can be more worth it than you can ever imagine.

As men, I have learned we also need to redefine strength and that this comes truly from being vulnerable. Exposing oneself to the core, so that there is nothing left but the rawness of that being.

Here, we develop REAL power, cultivate integrity and launch in to life… It is here the feminine (if she chooses to) can also bypass her fear of not being held fully in safety and can observe the natural truth emanating from the powerful and now clear masculine. When she also chooses to move through fear, magic can happen…

My Why

I share this to assist other men to be more aware, caring, connecting and wise. And women to please be open, persistent and patient – especially if your man is sincere and present but battling inner demons (fears). Please, if you love your man, if you can feel and see clearly the wonder in him, but he is not quite there, nurture him and if he is in alignment he will gift you beyond your wildest dreams and if he then is there, own that, step in to that with him – no matter your external circumstances.

Together do the ‘work’ to explore yourselves and each other. Relationships are our greatest teachers. They open our minds and hearts to so much… There is so much to learn from each other. Especially if there is deep love there, we can all learn, grow and be ‘different’ if we only choose to.

Final Thoughts

So we feel and we recognise and we become – we only do so when we take ownership of who we truly are at all levels and in equanimity. This ownership of all of self is our greatest gift to ourselves and too others…

Say loudly and express with completeness… I am here…


With love and service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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Tapping Into Your Feminine Expression

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We can’t maintain this. We seek to be accepted in all the wrong ways. Masculine and feminine energies exist in all of us. They are simply contrasted energetic expressions of our thoughts, beliefs and reality.

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Men, we are not less than for apologising. We are not weak, meek and passive. When we own who we are, we are liberated, empowered and free to grow and expand. Forgiveness (seeking or accepting) is expansive and is a sign of fucking strength.

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