Clarity Is King

Men, clarity is the pathway to freedom, love, liberation, openness and all that we desire.

Clarity for all of us is an embodied state that has the potential to allow us to live a full life.

Clarity is the precursor to feeling fully. Without a clear mind, heart and body we are ‘dirty channels’ for the transmission of wisdom and empowerment.

As men, when we are not clear we move in one of two ways. We either retract, become passive, hide from the world and minimize ourselves or…

We become hyper aggressive, we become abhorrent, oppressive, judgmental, critical and full of entitlement and rage.

Clarity however brightens our path. We eliminate doubt, confusion and panic – all precursors to not feeling our pain and fears from a healthy and connected place.

When we avoid what ails is, we are negating key aspects of ourselves. We move through life in fracture. This was me for too long. We act like little lost boys and remain this way through adulthood because we refuse to look at our ‘stuff’. We are better than that!

I was so confused, so hurt with the unknown pain and fears I was harboring that clarity eluded me and so did behavior and relationships that were considered healthy.

In order to protect myself I created unhealthy and detached armor. Armor that would not allow me to see myself fully, nor face my fears. So, I kept on avoiding, dividing and running away from who I truly was and what I truly needed to look at and feel within myself.

Men, when we polarise like this, we are ‘losing’ in life. We must understand and feel fully the power of clarity in order to liberate our trapped minds from the jaws of confusion.

We lash out in defense and we act from fear (self-preservation and protection) in order to keep ourselves safe.

When we move in to the pain and the fear (only temporarily) we transcend it. We grow, learn and shift it so it no longer controls us.

We carry this power. Cease to live with your pain and begin to live in your power by choosing to face the pressure and ultimately choosing a whole life of clarity and confidence…

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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