Be the you, you were born to be


This private coaching program enhances and evolves the quality of your relationships (to self, purpose, ideas, beliefs, romantic relationships and all of life) through proven methodologies of neuroscience, neural-empowerment practices, ancient esoteric principles, western psychology, mindfulness praxis, masculine/feminine dynamics and deepened spiritual practices.

I work with men, women and couples. I teach men principles around healthy masculinity and step in to what it means to be a healthy man in contemporary times. I help women understand men and themselves and draw in healthy relationships in to their lives. I help couples understand, see, hear and feel each other in an intimate exploration of self and coupledom.

Are you living on purpose? Do you feel lost and not connected to self, where you feel you do not know who you are and why you behave in the way you do? Are you riddled or consumed by fear, perceived limitations and confusion? Do you lack inspiration, direction, understanding of self and motivation in your life and do you feel that the path you are on is really not for you and not where you intrinsically know you need to be?


This program has been inspired by the quality and wholeness of what it brings to life and living. Conscious Mentorship – Creating Evolutionary Wholeness is about transforming the self so deeply that the ‘older’ self becomes almost unrecognisable. It is for those who are truly wishing to deep dive in to self in the most supported manner possible and realise that who you are is not who you truly wish to be and that being guided with very specific tools and sincere support is what will have you living in fullness, wellness, wholeness and integrity.

Now, the 1 on 1 framework, processes, models, embodiment practices and systems that are utilised in the Conscious Mentoring program is also combined with intuitive connection, deep journeying in to self and the power of a profound and authentic human connection. The mentorship is just that – a supporting evolution of proven methodologies and leadership support from self.

The Conscious Mentorship Program is a powerful framework built upon proven strategies, cognitive exercises, varying practices and healing modalities, sound theories of evolving self and the compilation of putting together teachings that have the capacity to have a profound effect on our consciousness, mental state, mindset, posturing, belief systems, relationships and emotional literacy.


    With me being your Conscious Mentor you will have direct, consistent, regular access, authentic leadership and support in communicating, problem solving, understanding self, receiving feedback, gaining greater insight in to your needs, breaking through pain points, navigating your way through your key relationships and expressing yourself with alignment, courage and clarity.

    We share ideas, go into greater depth exploring concepts embedded within your reality and we spend real time together deconstructing your life and building you back up again in a very supported, nurtured, empowered and real manner. We engage in inner-child healing, specific self-worth work, strategies and tools for dealing with challenge, coping with fears and working with the shadows. We will clear the clutter of the past and tap in to “unfelt” feeling from either painful and/or traumatic experiences and help you release them from your mind and body leveraging neuroscience, neuro-empowerment practices and many other modalities. As a woman you will learn to stand in your sovereignty and self-worth, trust others, understand man and heal the inner feminine and inner masculine. As a man, you will learn to be confident, stop seeking unconscious approval and validation outside of yourself, hiding or projecting your anger to the world. You will learn to master your emotions and so much more.


    The program is a 6-month immersive, where we communicate via an online media medium such as Skype or Zoom or teleconference if you are in the USA (there are also opportunities to work in person). We meet every 2 weeks (twice per month). Each session is between 75-90 minutes. In between each session you will have the opportunity to complete the ‘Self-Work’ you are provided with in each face to face session.

    This may include reading, tools, exercises, habitual changes, deeper reflection practices, challenges and more. IMPORTANTLY: You will also have extensive support from me in between each session via Telegram. This means if you have a question, an immediate issue or problem requiring attention or an important share, we get to work with it in “real-time” where you can voice note, email or message me. This support is invaluable for our 1 on 1 coaching and your overall growth and journey.

    This program is for those who wish to:

        • Up-level their lives in every way
        • Lead in a more robust way (leaders and c-suite executives)
        • Forge their true path and release their past
        • Create a deeper relationship to sacred sexuality
        • Get over pain, move through fear and step in to their greatness
        • Understand the opposite sex and master masculine / feminine polarity and dynamics