Intimacy – A Dance Between Lovers

“The intimate and blissful dance between taking & being taken allows us to know ourselves at such depth”. This is contrast dynamics/polarity dynamics & the song of the masculine & the feminine, which resides within all of us.

Depth of courage, knowing & feeling is required here. Mutual respect & the willingness to be all that you can without inhibition & restriction.

To be taken, ravaged in connection, safety, trust & security implies a deep bonding & importantly a deep surrendering that takes place between two sovereign yet united beings.

It is in the surrendering that we allow ourselves to experience the wonder that is unified intimacy. It is in surrendering to each moment you are immersed in love, pleasure, presence, openness & truth that we grow together. We fear pleasure so much because we fear our power.

In surrendering you allow yourself to be TAKEN on a journey of self-discovery – on a journey of open discovery.

In this sincere & unadulterated exploration we lose ourselves, our identity, our baggage, our preconceived ideas, limiting models & unhealthy layers of resistance. It’s scary to lose who we think we are.

Here, we can be taken, we can take and we can flow & oscillate between this intimate & profound ‘taking’.

To allow another to take us is to be fully immersed in trust, reverence, respect & presence. To take is an honorable & divine responsibility.

It is an honour to be given permission to take, to express the highest aspects of our faculties & being in this way.

Those taking at that moment must be deeply aware of this honour bestowed upon them. To hold one’s heart with deep care & softness. This taking energy is masculine or “go” energy (this resides in all of us – the masculine takes).

To listen to the whispers of guidance through the minutia in a movement that the beautiful body gives us. To be deeply attentive to the wholeness of the other allows one to take with prowess, completeness & love.

To surrender to being taken requires our focus, alignment of the inner self & a willingness to give up what we think is ‘right & wrong’. To release old ideas in order to create space to experience the new, the profound, the cosmically wondrous.

Let go, to allow in. Go in, to feel it all. Be conscious, to be connected & be love to transcend the mundane.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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