An 12 module advanced immersive for men building upon the foundations of The Conscious Man


This comprehensive program (or rather a way of life) is for inspired men yearning to lead laterally. Wanting to be the best version of themselves primarily for themselves but also for our women, our children our earth, our present and our future…

Reclaim Your Kingdom is about reframing the manner in which men behave, become and move through the world. The manner in which we ‘see’ ourselves and the manner in which we learn to forgive, release and evolve.

This program is a pragmatic and practical way to evolve our ways leveraging ancient wisdom and modern techniques to allow us to be more connected, inclusive and lovingly open men – to ultimately revere women and children and to learn to step humbly into our authentic power.

The Reclaim Your Kingdom Framework is a revolutionary model for loving in modernity.

This model is specifically for men, teaching men how to be ‘real men’. But redefining this concept so that men no longer need to live inside of a façade.

The conscious warrior is now redefined outside of traditional normative cultural imperatives that have and still do limit the way men interact and behave with themselves, women, children, ‘things’ and earth. No longer will men allow history to dictate the manner in which we behave in the present. This model is an opportunity for men to shatter old unhealthy paradigms and consciously choose through means of aware empowerment healthy postures – to heal the past by embracing a new man rising. One that admires, reveres, honours and acknowledges the ‘wrongs’ of the past, the suppression, the oppression, the division, segregation and toxic patriarchy that has plagued the harmony in our society for too long.


This program is for you if:

  • Men who wish to express themselves in the highest manner possible
  • Men who wish to prioritise their health, gain power from expressing vulnerability, understand and learn how to lead themselves and others with sincerity and strength
  • Men who wish to lead with authentic prowess
  • Men who wish to learn how to communicate with clarity and truth and be revered, trusted and respected
  • Men who wish to be a beacon of light and inspiration for their loved ones and be looked to for guidance
  • Men who wish to simply evolve, expand their knowledge of self and how to interact with women confidently and with equanimity
  • Men who wish to gain confidence in who they are, how they express themselves and how to present to the world in every way
  • Men who wish to reconnect to their definitive purpsee, direction and meaning in their lives

As men we have a responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones and our Earth, to evolve and step in to our authentic power We have a commitment to ourselves and to the evolution of our souls to expand our potential.

We have a responsibility to the Earth, to others, our families, women in particular and children to be the best version of ourselves possible. The manner in which men have behaved and do behave as a collective has been influenced by ancient practices, ideologies, sociocultural norms and archaic structures.


There are 12 guiding principles that all come with extensive life-long and daily embodiment practices (neurological – neuro-empowerment, attitudinal, behavioural, spiritual, relational and emotional) to assist us in creating sustainably transformation and transmutation in posture and expression.



We experience personal power when we assume ownership for our gifts, our deficits and the entire spectrum of what makes us who we are. Ownership of these postures is what grants us authentic power.

This tenet is fundamental in allowing us to feel and be open to the posturing of responsibility necessary for innate transformation and transmutation of behaviours and actions that no longer serve us.


As men, we require immersion in to silence, stillness and solitude. It is this space that allows us to carefully contemplate our existence, our path, our ways, our behaviours and the manner in which we treat ourselves and others. We learn very specific and ancient introspective practices that allow us to explore our inner realm with great clarity and depth. These deep practices allow us to show up in greater harmony in the manner in which we relate to what we care about.


Crucial to understanding ourselves and treading a path of self-gnosis – movement
and connection is all about connecting to our bodies whilst simultaneously connecting to Earth and other healthy men.

This principle explores the power of healthy connection in various areas of our lives and does so through a lens of physicality – allowing the physical vessel to be an extension of the spiritual self. We  master the body as a tool to express ourselves authentically in this world.


Here, we unpack the value in passion in purposefulness. We learn how to consciously communicate through mastery of the conscious communication model and we learn how to show up authentically in life. It is through our authentic posturing that we realise the value that we bring to this world and we ultimately express that through a clear channel of passion and purpose.

Clarity is wisdom and wisdom is empowering. We further learn how to create and maintain authentic momentum in life whilst honouring our women through our connected and inclusive purpose.


In this principle we are able to transcend (take the wisdom and the teaching from previous embodied states and grow inclusively) what no longer serves us. We live from a place of higher-ordered action. This principle allows us to live an expanded life and follows on from the other 11 principles.

Action becomes effortless, seamless and connected. Beyond this, we are living from a state of being that is evolved and inclusive of more than just ourselves. We learn how to reverse the polarity of selfishness and transmute our ‘male’ energies and use them from a perspective of holism.


This principle is about forging deep respect and an ability to receive fully from the feminine without distortion of the gift or the message. We honor so deeply that we wish not to change the feminine but to rather BE with that motion and with that dance. We learn key postures in how to relate in this way, maximise our expression and presence, whilst gaining deeply from the raw and open power of the women in our lives.

Here we learn to equilibrate, recognise the harmony and balance the polarity within through various journeys of deep admiration and connection to the divine feminine. And we ultimately do this by recognising our own sacredness and divinity as men through key forgiveness practices.


Here we learn to immerse in to complete presence and the benefits of embodying this posture. We learn to discern but from a place of love, connection and authenticity – not abhorrence, intolerance, fear and hate.

We learn to develop and cultivate assertiveness in masculinity that bonds male truth to all aspects of self and to the feminine outside of himself. We learn to move in harmonious balance especially in intimate relationship, where our connection is not over played or non- existent. We learn to achieve this through the understanding the 3 stages of the healthy self.


We firstly explore the 6 basic premises that underpin the posture of selfish selflessness. Selfish selflessness is one of the most natural states and postures to assume. When we move with an intention to ‘evolve’, grow and expand our capacities, expressions, minds and the entirety of our beings we are being ‘selfish’ but in a healthy, constructive, additive (adding value to life) and inspiring manner.

When we couple this movement with a synergistic intent to move in this way because we realise we are of greater value to others then we increase our capacity to be of service to others and we are acting selflessly. Marry the two states and we have selfish selflessness. We cannot be great without focusing on ourselves and as you will see below if we solely focus on ourselves we limit actualising our potentiality. If we simultaneously focus on others and ourselves, we all benefit – especially as our culture is becoming more connected, integrated and complex as a social organism.


This principle is loaded – in the sense that it covers every facet of life. We gain mastery over the 9 areas of life; we master mature expression of self; our emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, mental and relational bodies are connected to and mastered and we delve in to the neuroscience of behaviour and healthy expression. We explore in great depth vulnerability and intimacy practices and how the truth of this allows us to experience aliveness, richness and authenticity in our relationships.

Here, the ‘intelligent’ man needn’t control, we learn how to be compassionate, empathetic, connected, worthy, valued within oneself and we learn how not to pity, make excuses and observe the world from an encompassing vantage point that ultimately liberates us from pain. Further, in this principle we explore embodied mindfulness praxis and we learn how not be emasculated by also having astute awareness around the depths of our shadow.


This is all about grounding in a regular, defined and committed personal spiritual practice that brings about connection, solace, being, the evolution, growth and expansion of self. We learn to do this on our own and with other men through profound rites of passage. In this principle we realise that the masculine is the depth (consciousness) and the feminine is the light – and it is the light that shines her wisdom on our depth. We learn to create wholeness rather than fracture within ourselves through the merging of polarity through sacred ritual. We then realise that we are all connected, we are one in unity – this is the realisation of the conscious warrior.


This principle draws in complete reverence for the feminine / Shakti, Earth, Yoni, Women, Children in to our lives in order to improve and evolve our lives – to add to our wholeness, so that we can then feel and give further and deeper with greatness. We learn to sustain desire through regulating the heart (our heart is the flow of desire – we bring our power in to our hearts and sublime ourselves in this space – we essentially transmute our lust in to our gifts. In this principle we also go deep in to the concept of Chivalry and the modern-day man. We cultivate sincere praxis around this and provide the tools to be a Chivalrous Modern Man. 


This principle is about freedom and love and learning to orientate life in a healthy, inclusive, connected and evolved manner. When we are orientated towards our purpose we become free to express our truth. We explore the self, the Universe, others, ideas, wisdom, beliefs and our models of reality. We pursue and explore what we are about according to our values. We do not unhealthily compromise our power, freedom or exploration of life and we learn how to satisfy something that is deeply innate within all humans and particularly men.

Self-reliance also plays a massive role in this principle and we explore this diligently and at great depth. 




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