This is something out of the ordinary for me. I have been called to this intuitively. It has come to me organically and in deep contemplation and reflective praxis.

This offering is for those that are drawn to receiving deepened support via distance healing. The healing revolves around tapping in to what your needs are in that moment; what you are wishing to focus on, clear or gain clarity in.

Each session is specifically designed to be adapted to your needs. When choosing a multi-session option, know that those sessions are done sequentially on a daily basis. When we begin the block of 3,5,7 or 9 once the healing and power sessions commence, they will continue and conclude on a daily basis until complete. A healing session will be conducted daily until each block is complete.

You will be advised of the start date and times and will also be asked to engage in certain personal practices that will assist with the process and journey. These are more than JUST healing sessions, you may also be provided with rich learning opportunities to completely create and engage in a new behavior and patterning around your life.