Rise To That Higher Outlook

Rise to that higher outlook – the reality that awaits you beyond your old wounds, beliefs, and fears. That is where the infinite nature of love and possibility will greet your heart with openness and freedom only once dreamt of. You simply need to venture beyond the unknown with complete surrender…

Life can be really painful at times. It can hurt and we lose sight of what is possible.

For most of my life, I did everything I could to remain and feel “safe”. I had a ton of suppressed trauma and that lead to me being hyper-defensive. It looked like aggressiveness, rage, loudness, belittling others, being demeaning, acting selfishly, and not caring about the needs of others or even myself.

It took me multiple intense rock bottoms to choose change and to choose differently. When I did it opened my heart and life to new possibilities. I had to climb a path that never trod before. I had no internal compass or external familiar points of contact. I felt alone and lost.

In this space, I chose to be in life differently. I envisioned “what would life be and feel like from a place completely new place?” Just asking that question felt freeing and simultaneously terrifying. It was unknown. But it was the unknown that was required in order to grow into someone and something new.

We fear what we don’t understand or what is unfamiliar. The brain deems it to be unsafe, therefore we repel and fear this. I invite you to this… Surround yourself with people you can trust and free-fall into the unknown. And most importantly, trust yourself.

Stand on the edge of that cliff (yes it’s scary as f*ck), look down, and observe the murkiness and depth of the water below. See the waves silently crashing on the jagged sharp rocks and feel your heart rate accelerating 600 feet above.

Now trust and jump… As you free fall, have faith that the ocean will hold you and take you where you need to go. Surrender in your breath and be open to whatever awaits… It may be some pain, fear, and apprehension. Can you welcome that as you welcome the convenience and desirability of joy and happiness?

All of us are valuable, when we earnestly cease to deny all of our parts, we can more consciously choose those desirable states of being such as connection, unity, intimacy, joy, bliss, and love. Until we welcome all of ourselves we will choose the wounded parts of ourselves because they bring out in us that protector that makes us feel super safe.

What if we made ourselves safe ENOUGH and we could release the stronghold of fear? You can, and you will.

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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Men, clarity is the pathway to freedom, love, liberation, openness and all that we desire.

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We cannot expect others to fill our voids. If we are not connected to who we ultimately (in an ever-evolving way) are we are ‘losing’. Love with ‘others’ may only flourish when we at least recognise the love within ourselves, when we realise we are our own source of brilliance, power, flowing love and divinity.


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