The Divinity Of Femininity

To honour the feminine is to honour the sacred dance of the slow, the sacred and the open.

To walk beside the feminine on this path of awakening means to be blessed by her grace and beauty.

To learn from each other is to teach each other. To lean in to each other and to SEE each other.

The still of the masculine meets the fluid movement of the feminine.

The depth of the masculine draws out the magnificent nature of the feminine – the sparkle, the beauty, the light.

The presence of the masculine demonstrates stability, posture and foresight for the feminine to soften her gaze and deepen her nurture.

The expansiveness of the masculine drawing out the magic and vibrancy of the feminine.

The masculine warrior in all of his fierceness holding fully the inner and outer feminine.

The ease of the feminine softening the rigidity of the masculine.

The embodied wisdom of the feminine guiding the structured knowledge of the masculine towards deepened enlightenment.

The inspired surrendering of the feminine demonstrating profound trust in the masculine.

The nurturing energy and holding of the feminine showing the masculine what is truly possible.

The heart balanced vulnerability of the feminine directing the masculine towards deeper levels of courage.

The fiery passion of the feminine igniting the source power of his own truth.

The intuitive nature of the feminine gaze seeing the permeating truth of the masculine.

The masculine gaze penetrating the full body of feminine arousal and purity of beauty.

The affectionate sharing of the feminine breaking the external and protective walls of the masculine.

The magnetism of the masculine pulling the feminine towards his greatness.

The grace of the feminine, embodied in all of her archetypes creating suspended trust in the masculine.

When the masculine and feminine deliberately come together to unite, create and magnify, the Universe responds to that in the most magnificent of ways. Where spirit and matter come together; where knowing and wisdom collide; where space and awareness meet…

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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