Who’s Your Brother?

Men are too isolated, lonely, disconnected and not aware of the need to have men in their lives.
Men today have fallen from their own grace. Men have lost their own sense of deep responsibility in honouring the path of brotherhood. In a world of hyper-competition and fears driven action we have become isolated by our own conditioning. Men were born to be warriors. Like we will never directly relate to the giving of birth, the bond between warrior brothers is one reserved for the connected man.

There are numerous tactical virtues that various authors have spoken to throughout the years when it comes to being good at being men. One I specifically speak to is connectedness. We evolved in bands of brothers, testing, challenging and assisting each other to be better – forging our identities through adversity and our ‘gang’.

Amongst many attributes, the way of man is one of connectedness, passion, the pursuit of challenge and expansion through inviting his fellow man to rise to the occasion. The vast majority of men these days have become fallen warriors. The sense of journeying has left him forsaken in a world of empty and meaningless pursuit.

The purpose of man is to explore, to quest in to the unknown and return with something greater than what he initially ventured off in to the wild with – wisdom, strength, revelation, insight, virtue and treasures from his expedition.

Our current modern day pursuit is that of abstraction. We are rarely challenged; we would rather spectate than participate; we would prefer to stand on the sidelines than get our hands ‘dirty’; we would rather indulge in luxury as opposed to feel the rawness of the elements and we would rather be safe and masturbate to pornography than run the risk of being ‘rejected;’ or truly seen.

Men are warriors. We have lost our warrior way not because we are not good enough or because we are not capable enough, but rather because over time we have isolated ourselves from this notion that we must do life on our own. We are pro-social beings. We are need our brothers. The time of being alone, over self-reliant and isolated is over.

The time to reconnect with our brothers to develop a deeper sense of self is here. Doing so will allow us to develop greater skills, learn more about ourselves, be called forward by our brethren and lean in to the challenge that is life so that we can expand our consciousness and serve greater that and those in which we love.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Boy Or Man?

MEN ARE FUCKING GOOD!!! There are immature “boy-men” that have never grown up, constantly stuck in their pain and in avoidance. These men though are not to be shamed.

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Take your relationship to new frontiers often. Travel, discover new ways to surprise each other, dress differently, speak differently, dance together, learn a language and NEVER GIVE UP on the new that can be created in your sacred union.

The Importance Of Emptiness

THE FEMININE thrives in being full. THE MASCULINE in emptiness. When the masculine feels threatened it pursues in excess the feeling of emptiness through controlling force. Shadow masculine energy is forcing the feminine to be empty – empty of nutrients in the ocean, clean drinking water wells, mountains stripped of their minerals and the feminine having her voice emptied and taken from her being… We are currently in an excessive collective shadow expression of masculinity.

Repressing Longings Hurts Others

When we repress our deep longings, we hurt others.

Importantly, we hurt and deny ourselves of pleasure and joy. When we do this, we limit our expression and the quality of relationships we can receive in our lives.

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Where do you feel you could be more present to deepening or opening the heart of your beloved and in turn get to know more about you? For me, it is more profound layers of compassion and deepened empathy. Remember, others have a history of hurt that they now also find it difficult to give their hearts and trust again…

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