Tapping Into Your Feminine

The internalized embodiment of feminine consciousness by man has been a welcoming change as it has allowed both men and women to see each other at greater depth. A more profound appreciation has transpired towards women and this has bridged the gap of isolating our differences.

Instead, we have been able to celebrate our differences and merge in a greater union. And whilst this development has helped us relate more profoundly, we as men have also lost parts of ourselves. I’m embracing this feminine consciousness, we have lost integral aspects of our masculinity.

Guilt and shame of past collective actions have almost had us reject the expressions of masculinity that the feminine also values. Sovereignty, healthy self-reliance, a structured sense of self, discipline, rugged connection to land, compassionate decisiveness, strength, pride and honour in being of value and much more.

We have shifted our focus to life preservation as opposed to life-giving energies. We have been asked to be softer and more receptive, yet these qualities as dominant within man are somewhat foreign to us. We can still be “non-receptive” and not be violent. We can be in the energetic of giving without being forceful.

The masculine carries potent yang giving energy. And the feminine potent yin receiving energy. There was a time not long ago where men were craving harder women, and women craving softer men. We seem to be realizing that this inverse dynamic is not necessarily the way…

In focusing solely on feminine qualities we have lost side with the “wild man” within. That primitive, sexual, connected sense of masculinity that is the pole to feminine sensuality and softness. Polarity creates attraction. Are we diminishing that through homogenizing each other?

Too much softness as men has deterred us from venturing into the shadows of our psyches. This means we are repressed and we don’t know ourselves. We feel lost and a man lost and not in purpose demagnetizes his value.

The journey of understanding our receptive side as men means we can nurture, empathize and understand at deeper resonant levels, but losing our masculine fire and fierceness presents a problem. This is an essential stage and knows that no stage of development is the final stop.

When we choose to focus on cultivating healthy masculine qualities of that is our core essence then naturally with a certain level of openness, we will tap into our expressive feminine in just the right doses for ourselves and our relationships.

This is the next evolution of man. But we cannot throw away our capacity for strong masculine posture – independence, self-trust, strength, honour, utility in the world. Whilst these qualities are not limited to masculinity or men, they flourish within the masculine paradigm.

Focus on your core essence and balance will become more available. And with honouring your truth and experiencing balance comes deeper relatability.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Boys To Men

Now more than ever we need REAL MEN. The rite of passage of man is so important. We miss a vital aspect of our intra- and interpersonal growth and expansion when we miss a legitimate rite of passage.

The word teenager was not commonly used before the 20th century. Why? Because, when we look at the path of man we can see a linefeed and distinct path of either rapid growth or rapid decline.

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Ever feel there is more…? The masculine expression in economic pursuit has become so lost in “doing” that he has forgotten to ask “what is worth doing”? This is not about being “anti-business”, this is about alignment of truths…

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Firstly, this isn’t a gender thing. It’s a people thing. We are often really scared of change.
This is often a tough one in relationships. We want people to change with us, to do what we do, try what we try, feel what we feel and share similar interests.
At a primal level, it is our nervous system feeling safe in the presence of familiarity. Additionally, when we share similar paths, values and interests we are all part of the “in-group”. In social psychology, this is crucial to one’s feeling of being safe and surviving.


Thousands of years of compounded behaviour has resulted in the unhealthy and extreme posture and dominant masculine expression rampant in the majority of men today. By describing accurately who we have been is not perpetuating a myth or holding ‘ourselves back’. We are holding ourselves back by fracturing our psyche by not looking at ourselves from a place of holism…

‘Fighting’ The Resistance

Do you feel unsafe in your life? To feel safe, immerse in the unsafe, familiarise yourself with this state so that it no longer becomes the unknown. Make the uncomfortable deeply comfortable and from here you will flourish….

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