Verticality In Holding – A Tribute To Feminine Divinity

Verticality In Holding – A Tribute To Feminine Divinity

Men (or the masculine energy) – A reminder… How do you hold your beloved? How you hold her is based upon how you revere her. The depth at which you revere her is dependent on the value you place on her intrinsic beauty, soul and heart.

Can you fully open to, respect, revere and be in humble service to the essence of the denial creative energy?

Can you bow in humility to her life giving force? Can you recognize the subtlety in her movement that supports your breath and life force?

Can you embrace fully the power she wields and holds deep within – the guiding light in times of despair, pain and sorrow?


To Be Vertical

Can you be vertical in your posturing to love her openly, sincerely and honestly for all that she is. Can you adore her through challenge?

Can you admire her for all that she is. Can you be compassionate and empathetic during times of distress? Read her body through times of stress?

Nurture her heart and support her mind? Is it not our duty to observe, to feel, to be present to the needs of those who teach us so much about our own potential?

Who allow us to thrive? Who support our every endeavor in to bliss and who encourage our purposeful movement through life?

How do we reciprocate such gifts bestowed upon us? We surrender, we express our vulnerable truth, we give ourselves in intimacy, we present earnestly for who and what we are in that moment with no facade.


To Be Authentic

Men, can you be authentically true to your being whilst opening your loving embrace to the woman in your life who frees you from internal destruction?

Who leads you to glory? Who provides you with a liberated spirit and inspires the best of you?

To hold tightly the woman who breathes light and life in to your being; to respect without question, to express our inner world without hesitation.

This is purity of strength. To be open hearted and minded when called to be, to be allowing, trusting, connected and safe.

To stand sturdy in observed safety is to extend oneself in to the realm of certainty. This certainty liberates, frees and allows the beauty and divine nature of the feminine to flow, be true, be open and dance freely to the rhythm that is life.


Is It Our Duty?

Men, it is our duty to listen, be open hearted, allow, feel, be present, be inclusive, trust, project trust and certainty, feel safe and be love. We will not always ‘get it right’ and we needn’t.

Relationships are not a one way street and the qualities we hold will also be held by our polar opposite – simply expressed differently. But they will be held.

Together, we unite, together we accentuate our wholeness – evolve our wisdom – expand our hearts and upgrade our consciousness. We are whole within when we recognize we are all we need to be. We evolve when we realize we do it ‘better’ with each other.

Men, we have some catching up to do… But we are worthy and capable. Step in to your healthy self, own your divinity and transform the past by differentiating yourself from limiting, divisive and oppressive behavior.

It is time to open to radiance and beauty that is the feminine. It is time to bow in humility. To be humble in gesture and action and mesmerised by her presence. For it is this that allows us to breathe and stand here today.


One is always glad to be of service. S.Sifandos.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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