The Decisive Nature Of Man

Can you leap fully in to the life you choose and be all in?

Can you commit fully to what you value deeply?

Do you know what you value?

Have you the courage to posture your truth?

Can you be present to your needs?

Own them? Feel them? Give them to the world?

Can you make decisions based on your power?

Can you recognize that your greatest source of power is your core essence?

Can you truly decide to shatter the shackles of your perceived limitations?

Do you have willingness to be who the world needs you to be?

Can you release your fears around abandonment, rejection and humiliation and take ownership of all that you are?

Can you see yourself as valuable and necessary so that you may act in accordance with this?

Can you decided on your path and remain committed to your growth?

Can you be decisive enough to be resilient to the pressures of life?

Can you extend your breaking point to accommodate expansion?

Can you decide on the life you wish to live AND LEAD and embrace it?

Can you move through the shame of failing and realize that failure is feedback and that the only shame is that of not doing?

Can you be consistent and safe in your decisions, so that others may feel your presence?

The decisiveness of man is predicated upon his ability to know himself at depth with consistent presence. If you wish to be this man click the link in comments. Your time is NOW…

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Pain Of Change – The Pain Of Control

Most recently I have experienced the pain of change, difference, the unknown and the difficulty that comes with not knowing if life will play out as I wish or foresee it to you.

The battle within with respect to creating a a balance of allowing and not being attached to taking ‘active action’ and being hyper focused – the internal tug of war of contrast and when to play the card of each…

The Masculine Within

What happens when the masculine within leaves? All the times we’ve neglected ourselves didn’t trust, obsessed with excessive and external validation and approval and couldn’t contain our power, we lost our ability to love ourselves as we were.
We judged and didn’t appreciate. We felt unprotected, loose in our boundaries and excessive in our ways. Aggressive, short-tempered and sad that we were not seen. This is a big part of the “father wounding”.

Depth Of Honouring

Generally, men are seen or considered stable, vertical and never-changing (reliable and strong). The masculine, consciousness or conscious energy is this – but it also transitions through life as it (that expressive aspect of self becomes self-realised).

As healthy masculine men we are ever-changing in the sense not that we are not stable nor that we are fluid, but as we become conscious we evolve and we evolve in to new ways of expression, being and viewing reality.

Our Need For Approval

Your need for approval stems from your fear of rejection. Unconsciously seeking the need to be liked or loved by another and experiencing that approval means that you are not in a state of unworthiness, humiliation, “less than” or abandonment and this feels safer than the constant pursuit of someone else’s opinion defining you.

Are You Too Obsessed With Self-Love?

We needn’t be perfection in order to have a healthy relationship because at our core we are already perfection, we have forgotten this. We needn’t be FULLY healed of all of our past trauma to be in a healthy relationship. We need to be WILLING, clear, communicative and open-hearted.

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