There Is Great Depth and Presence In Man

It exists.

It is there.

It is presence, it is stillness.

It is beyond the superficial and it is beyond the stigma.

It is beyond the pain.

It is beyond what we think and more in to what we feel.

He yearns.

He desires.

He knows, yet is cluttered by his past.

He wants to feel, yet feels burdened by his own torture, his pain, his suppressed tears.

Man wishes to not be a victim, nor a martyr.

And yet, he must feel his pain and anguish in order to relinquish it from his being.

There is a war that rages within. The man of depth knows that war is coming to an end.

As man comes in to his presence, he is doing so not just for himself, but for all.

Man recognizes his place is to release the past so that he may live presently and own the future with dignity.

Man realizes that he must forgive and also request forgiveness.

He understands that the only way to see fully is to allow himself to be seen fully.

He knows his path is one of presence, depth, stillness and infinite unwavering.

He knows to be this man requires effort, attention, deep introspection and willingness.

This man has endured much… and he has also been responsible for much.

The path of man is changing and it is not alone anymore.

He realizes that isolation is not the path of the evolved man.

Solitude? Yes. Separation? Brothers, our time to unite is here.

Man is no island…

You are ready. WE are ready. Our family, lovers, communities and earth is ready to experience us fully and wholly.

One is glad to be of service.



Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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