How To Healthily And Confidently Pursue

You must know yourself, your worth, and what you offer. Get clear on your power and value. Live in your vision. Be in your purpose and choose to live that on a day to day basis. Don’t rely on another to “complete” you. You are whole, do your inner work so that you become very clear on that. You don’t “need” others to make you feel better. This energetic comes across as desperate and needy. Lead with an open and pure heart. Don’t be afraid of your honesty, what your needs are, and what you can offer. Present that with prowess.


Be mysterious but DO NOT “play games”. This is immature and insecure. Playing games is about control and if you are hungry for the control you are living in fear. This is a turn-off and hindrance to conscious relating. Be clear in your intentions. You want something “serious”, say that. You are just there for sex, state that. You have something you wish to express, let those intentions be known. Being in your truth and not being attached to the outcome or how you may be seen is attractive and empowering for all involved. It also gives other’s an opportunity to decide whether that feels right for them also.


Tell the truth – BE REAL. Lies breed mistrust and a sense of uncertainty and not feeling safe. This will only create a co-dependent dynamic right from the start. Don’t be that person! Ask questions, get to know her deeper. Being genuinely interested in another human not only allows them to feel appreciated but it also helps you determine values alignment – “Are they a great fit for me?” Engage your humorous side. Humor demonstrates intelligence. Sincere intelligence is attractive and safe. Speak less, listen more. Don’t make it all about you. Yes, speak about yourself AND spend time listening and feeling into what is being shared with you. A sense of safety comes in vulnerable sharing. Be that rock


Be the “right amount” of available and unavailable. Too much and you become boring, too little and you are frustrating. Get your intentions right, it’s not about manipulation, it’s about healthy sexual polarity and attraction dynamics. Don’t be scared if you don’t speak for a couple of days. Give each other a chance to miss each other. Don’t overcomplicate or overthink your choices. Lead, make decisions for yourself, and trust your intuition (KNOW YOU!)


Don’t wear masks. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not because you think it may impress. BE YOU! Faking it will cause you stress and eventually disappoint her. Allow people to love and care for you based on who you are, not a character you cannot sustain. Make it clearer that the other person matters. Are you fond of them? Let them know with confidence that they are important to you without being attached to their response


It’s not all about sex. How deeply she is open to you, how safe she feels in her body, and how meaningfully she trusts who you are will allow you both deepen your sex with each other. Relationships can be challenging enough without bringing in false pretense, ego, or fear into how we are intimate. There is an art to it and it begins with doing your inner work. Ladies, this means also being able and ready to receive…


Relationships are a multi-way street and the only way we navigate them authentically is by being authentic ourselves, otherwise, we are destined to repeat our past mistakes and continue to bring our pain into the present…


Relationships have the potential to heal the world… Agree? Disagree? Giving and receiving must unravel in equanimity for a relationship to be sustainable whatever the “goal” of the relationship is. What has been YOUR experience with dating? 


One is glad to be of service.



    Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


    Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



    Repressing Longings Hurts Others

    When we repress our deep longings, we hurt others.

    Importantly, we hurt and deny ourselves of pleasure and joy. When we do this, we limit our expression and the quality of relationships we can receive in our lives.

    What Do You Truly Value In Relationship?

    The traits that are attractive and appealing when dating are different to the traits needed when maintaining a meaningful and long-term relationship.

    This is not to say that what we were initially attracted to doesn’t still apply years later. It most definitely does. When we first meet we are yearning for passion, excitement, we often value an outgoing personality, confidence, and the spontaneous pursuit and chase of discovering the novelty of each other.

    The Expansive Masculine

    When my mother sent me some old pictures of when I was child, my heart opened and memories came flooding back to me. I saw an innocent little boy with a massive smile on his face.

    Yet the happy times were outweighed massively by the sadness and fear I experienced. Overtime that little boy learned that closing down his heart was the best way to protect himself. Then he grew up to be a man that was shut down because of a his pain.

    Why Unconditional Love Does Not Exist

    “Unconditional love can only exist once we have moved through the motions of conditional love. Then and only then may we reach a heightened and enlightened state of being that liberates us from dualistic conditions”…

    Verticality In Holding – A Tribute To Feminine Divinity

    Men (or the masculine energy) – A reminder… How do you hold your beloved? How you hold her is based upon how you revere her. The depth at which you revere her is dependent on the value you place on her intrinsic beauty, soul and heart…


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