How Repressed Trauma Is Expressed

1. Substance addiction

2. Excessive pornography

3. Projections upon others

4. Massive insecurities

5. Jealousy

6. Controlling behaviour

7. Domestic violence

8. Self-sabotage

9. Guilt and shame

10. Shadow behavior

11. Cheating

12.Repeating the same patterns of fear and pain

13. Not taking responsibility for our actions

Which of these have you experienced from others or maybe have expressed into the world? Our “shadow” trauma haunts us.

It’s the stuff that we choose to forget because it’s too painful to remember. Too difficult to face. What we must understand is that these fears and pains that we shove deep down and choose to forget are still there itching and scraping to be heard.

Give them a voice. Give them some air in a safe place to vent and be seen without judgment and with deep compassion. Can you meet them with love, as opposed to meeting with them with hate?

I remember the self-loathing, the massive judgment and the pretending to be someone I was not. Pretend to be happy because I thought no one wants to witness my anger or sadness.

However, it showed up in agitation, snappiness and projected frustrations – I would be verbally aggressive to others for the smallest of things. We are better than that. The ego hides in shame, when we break that pattern and allow our truth to be seen (even if we think it’s “ugly”), we break free.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Holding Through The Storm

Men, this is for us. To work through our ‘stuff’ – to drop the facade, the ego and ‘do the work’. To come to peace with who we are and be the conscious warriors we were born to BE!

The Removal Of Our Unhealthy Armour – The Opening Of The Heart

It is time for the modern man to choose openly to remove his unconscious and unhealthy armour. No, this does not translate to becoming apathetic, denying any biological drivers within or relinquishing his ‘manliness’ or manhood…

White Privilege

The concept of Whiteness suppresses and undermines what it means to be human. It places human value and opportunity on the uncontrolled factor of ethnicity, culture and most of all skin colour and racial heritage.

The Heavier the Rock, The Lighter the Mind

And… Not always. Without, what I call the practice of ‘Vertical Masculine Presence’ as men we can become lost in our movement through the world. This model of ‘Vertical Masculine Presence’ consists of 6 key practices. Let’s unpack them!

Integrated ‘Guilt-Free’ Happiness

We at times deny ourselves of happiness – do we deserve it, does it belong in our realm of consciousness, guilt arises tapping in to the collective, we feel bad because those we love do not feel happiness and more reasons why feeling joy is ‘wrong’.

How can we truly be happy with who we are? How can we truly be happy without guilt? The insight in to this is quite simple…


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