Sexual Polarity

Polarity dynamics are sexual dynamics are contrast dynamics. Masculine and feminine energies reside within all of us. When two people come together sexually and intimately; for their relationship to thrive one must be in their healthy masculine core essence and the other in their healthy feminine core essence. This now becomes a “complementary opposite” and sexual union becomes magnetic and explosive in an empowering way.

If two masculine forces meet they are too volatile and are now competing for primary space. If two feminine forces meet, they become dull and lose connection very quickly. Know your core essence and live that fully, this will naturally attract your complementary opposite. 

There is so much to say to this. Knowing our core essence frees us from engaging in what my beloved calls “issue-based” relationships. Think of magnets. Magnets come together when the opposite charge is experienced/felt. Then there is a merging or union.

From this place, greater harmony is explored. There are many ways to enrich your polarities. Think active/passive for a moment. Now, in order to not have “stuck magnets”, we must be healthy. Being healthy means being full and whole. Knowing our worth and value and knowing that 1 + 1 in the relationship = 3.

This means that you are both sovereign, whole, full and love yourself. You needn’t rely on another to feel fulfilled. But rather recognize that there are certain people, environments and experiences that ENRICH your lives.

You’re not dependent on others for happiness. That is part of the healthy polarity. You know when you’re in an unhealthy pole when you’re being extreme. For the masculine who is active and pursues, thrives in completion and attainment an extreme expression may be “at any cost”. Other values such as health and tribe fall by the wayside and one would purposefully or hyper-selfishly hurt others in order to attain.

For the feminine who thrives in sensory experience – scents, sounds, tastes, in the body sensually. If there are an overindulgence and addiction – overweight, addiction to alcohol or the feeling of “surrender” or no responsibility. This is an unhealthy feminine. And remember, both energies exist within all of us… We have an ability to come together in unity, learning, growing together, with each other, leaning in, practising who we truly are in safe places. Are you ready for this level of exploration? Yes, yes YOU / WE are…

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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