The Heavier the Rock, The Lighter the Mind

And… Not always. Without, what I call the practice of ‘Vertical Masculine Presence’ as men we can become lost in our movement through the world. This model of ‘Vertical Masculine Presence’ consists of 6 key practices. Let’s unpack them!

Without self-belief man become lost, he lacks motivation, intentionality is not deliberate in the action he takes. He fumbles, pauses, hesitates and has not awareness of his power.

The vertical man carries empathy. He connects to others and with others. He is empowered by his heart. He takes action based on how he feels the world, not just sees the world. He believes in others and knows that cooperation is part of his inner dialogue and mantra. He cares for the wellbeing of his fellow sentient being.

The courageous man is a man who is honouring his physiology and evolution. A courageous man can ‘show up’ to people and to life without being triggered, even when he may be being projected upon. He is sturdy and solid in responses and ‘sees’ the larger picture.

Courage for the man with purity of presence means facing he is fears, knowing his temporal and current limits and not coming from ego. Courage is vulnerability. He is ready to risk, merge in to the unknown, feel emotionally turbulent and face his fears.

The certain man is a man of inspired action. He knows what he wants and he acts in integrity and congruency with his inner state. People needn’t second guess him, nor doubt him. What they see is what they get.

The certain man is discerning prior to taking action. He sees the world through a lens of responsiveness, not reaction. He knows his highest values, principles and purpose and he lives fully in and from that space. No clutter, no bullsh*t. Just truth.

The clear man carries no confusion and if for whatever reason he finds himself in unknown territory, he is continent with his words. First self-assessing, paying attention to his inner state and being a witness to what is unravelling within himself. The clear man knows when why and how to take action.

This is at the core of vertical presence. He is predictable in the sense that he is not unsafe, nor volatile in his behaviour. He is consistent in his view points, actions and treatment of others and himself. He carries little to no confusion about his place and knows himself so well that familiar action becomes effortless.

There is far more to this than what is above, however this is a great start to practicing the path of the vertically present man. Presence in the masculine is so captivating. Follow the 6 steps above and observe your world shift profoundly.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



A New Way To Look At Anger

When we pursue what we value with tenacity, unparalleled focus and a mindset of resilience we learn more about ourselves, our capacity and our power than almost any other means of self-discovery.

Let’s redefine aggression for a moment. Let’s look at aggression as inspired relentlessness. It’s a fuel source that sources our highest expression in to the world. Now, raw aggression in times of absolute survival is a different concept.


Breathe… We hear this all the time. What does it mean? Breathing deliberately with intention helps us grow, be healthier and simply put overall better at life…
Breath literally saved my life. Having experienced physical and emotional abuse, abandonment and volatility as a child my nervous system were conditioned for pain and tension.

The Sacred Invitation

There is something magnificent about the human gaze… Particularly that of a woman. She is able to show so much of who she is, what has been and what will be.

As men, it is an honour to witness the sacredness of the gaze. This invitation into the soul and essence of a woman’s world liberate us from overthinking.

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It is through reference, context, contrast and mirroring that we understand deeply what life is truly about and for. I have recently reached certain realisations that without sacredness in mirroring I truly believe I would not have reached.


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