Strength In Men

Masculinity cares deeply, is powerfully STRONG and feels fully.

 Human sentience thrives on connection. All expressions of human thrive on caring, intimacy and reciprocal respect.

Men can be strong. Men can express strength and prowess and still hold compassion and understanding. Men can still be integrated and connected.

Being strong does not mean being forceful or disrespecting the needs or rights of others. When we express healthy strength we are living true to our potential and our power.

How it was is not how it needs to continue to be. I get it. The past has tainted the present through association and relived trauma. There is deep wounding. Forgiveness is key and prior to that the allowing of release of this tension is necessary to truly forgive and move forward.

The 7 steps to living in greater societal equity:

1. Willingness to shift
2. Exploration of the unknown
3. Honoring our path and our truth
4. Assume ownership of our collective actions (past and present)
5. Formulate new beliefs around the way we interact – forget about what we think we know
6. Identify and forge a new path with clarity
7. Live in this truth unapologetically AND with deep forgiveness and compassion

Men are getting a bad rap for not evolving quick enough, there has been suppression on all counts in so many ways. Men have suppressed themselves by limiting themselves through extreme and fear based behavior.

We have an opportunity to view the world differently. And not devalue our gifts but rather embrace them and redirect them in such a way that promotes inclusivity and not separation.

Men can be strong in their grounded presence and still practice compassion and care.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Passage Of Manhood

A message to men for all – of course this applies to all of us. Divine Women, please know the intricacies of this journey so that you may be served also by the deep growth of men…

The Privilege Of ‘Taking’

How can we take? What does it mean to ‘take’? Why does it matter? True and authentic taking is trust in motion. Taking from a place of connection, transparency, empowerment and surrender can only occur when there are equitable power balances in play.

“Shit Or Get Off The Pot”

Rise in to certainty! The above phase basically means either commit and be all in or get out of the way and stop pretending. In relationship, this translates to three key things:


Own All Of You

I have not always been confident in who I am, in my body, mind and heart. I have doubted, felt deeply intense fear and lost my self in negative and harmful actions towards myself and others. I have not been connected to my body and have carried shame in this area, alongside my thoughts and emotions.

Honouring Those We Love

A heartfelt tribute to our connected humanity… Please feel… How do we honour those we feel deeply for, those we are bonded to? We revere them for exactly what they are, how they show up and how they present themselves. How do we allow others to be who they are..?

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