The Balance In Relating

There truly is a balance when it comes to giving and receiving in relationship. There is a rapidly accelerated moment towards self-love, self-acceptance, prioritizing one’s needs and values and connecting fully to self.

Whilst this movement towards deeper connection to self is vital it can also be distorted if left unchecked. We receive so much when we give.

We live in an individualistic society, somewhat hyper selfish also. A competitive landscape where a winner takes all attitude is promoted. Compassion, empathy and prioritizing others is often pushed to the side and seen as unhealthy.

Yes, it is IF we are prioritizing others from a codependent and disconnected place. If we are unhealthy in our posturing, reliant fully on others to give us a higher sense of self worth and are constantly asking others to satisfy our need for heightened self-worth and suffering if these ‘expectations’ driven by fear are not met.

If we are healthy within, care for who we are, know ourselves, derive a sense of self largely from self, are emotionally adept and fit and have an openness in heart and mind them prioritizing others becomes healthy and necessary in intimacy.

How we do this and why is what sets the scene. We are already disconnected as a humanity, we needn’t lose ourselves more by denying ourselves of giving fully from a healthy place.

We need closeness not distance now more than ever in our lives and relationships. Know your values and align your actions with this, if others are suffering be there in a healthy way. There is much to learn and gain from giving.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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