Sacred Sexual Union


When we are having sex we are literally INSIDE of another human being. This level of intimacy at a physical level is profound. It can open every other faculty of being we have access to.

For this degree of sacredness to exist, we must both exist. For the feminine body to feel safe to be this exposed & open she must trust. To be trustworthy, we must fully open as men & be transparent.

This is a deeply sacred responsibility that we often glaze over. The physical expression of sexual Union is prioritized & the symbolism and the spiritual-emotional-cosmic connection are negated & forgotten due to the hormonal rise that is so intense. This intensity is a gateway though.

Sex brings us closer to God & our true nature. This sacred gift has been forgotten. Oneness, unification, the connection allows us to know ourselves. The feminine holds this gift for us. We must appreciate it beyond superficial measure.

We visit “home” when we enter a woman & as she allows this entering she gifts us all. We enter the place of creation AND now we also may contribute to creation. Our responsibility extends beyond orgasm. There is a sacredness that bonds us that cannot be negated, nor forgotten.

A woman feels sexual Union through her heart, not her mind. When we enter her sexually we are also penetrating her heart & soul. This opening means she feels ALL of you. It becomes your responsibility to ensure you are a clean construct of expression & presence.

When we carry clear & deliberate intentions we allow ourselves to be seen. This means others gain a whole view of who we truly are. They get to see all of us & feel safer in their opening.

So, as you “enter” & then “pull out” you must not be scattered in your energetic. As you leave part of yourself, you must leave honesty, intention & care.

You are not choosing to hyper-selfishly satisfy superficial needs by using another for your gain, rather you are choosing to merge with another in sacredness to create a cleaner reality for all. The ripples of your intention are felt by all in sacred sexual union.

It is less to do with physical depth & more to do with deepening your own perspective & presence. The sacred invitation of the feminine allows the masculine to penetrate his own depth with his ability to be a presence in motion.

Ask: “how may I show up in the purity of presence? What does the feminine ask of me?” This union of polarities signifies unity consciousness in action. If you avoid parts of you, this fracture will enter your woman & she will feel this despair at subtler levels. As you rely on her to fully open to you, she relies on you to fully be a presence to her.

Our gifts of life essence merge when we are clear in our vessel of communication & our intentions. Profound love transpires through our willingness to be safe for each other. Cosmic sex is a gateway to cosmic love is a gateway to GOD.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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