The Healer and The “Sufferer”

In ancient shamanic traditions, the healer and the “sufferer” conjoin together to journey through the trauma where the shaman/healer deeply supports this releasing of terror in a profound and liberating way. 

The only way any form of passage through the treacherous waters of trauma transpires is that the shaman him/herself has passed through their own pain and fears and has overcome their own demons and darkness.

They have encountered their own helplessness, hopelessness, and pain and have deliberately chosen to move through it, now being initiated in the sacred arts of imparting cosmic wisdom.

In today’s world sadly, many modern clinicians, psychotherapists, and the culture in psycho-emotional health have not moved through their own shattering and rebirthing processes and as a result have repressed themselves in such a way where they are also numb.

Their ability to guide is limited for they have not been through their own dark knights of the soul, they have not taken on the crucible of the hero’s journey and come through with wisdom, a greater sense of self, and courage. This “blind leading the blind” has denied us all of the proper initiations because we live in a society that numbs all too readily and shuns the unknown all too quickly.

When a modern therapist becomes threatened or feels fearful by the BIG emotions or feelings of their client’s sharing their trauma or pain they unconsciously push them away and distance themselves from supporting them more fully.

This occurs because the therapist is in unfamiliar psycho-emotional terrain and hasn’t processed and integrated fully their own pain. In this feeling of isolation, the client feels more alone and more “broken”. When there is a lack of empathetic resonance the therapist, teacher or coach cannot guide adequately the client to freedom. The successful intervention comes from having been there oneself.

Modern science may gain great insights into the mysteries of the past and integration and blending of new technologies and old methodologies may transpire in such a way that we expand consciousness in collaboration not clinical or dry separation.

Find yourself a guide that has been there and is able to hold whatever space you’re in. Remember, all of you must be welcomed.

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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