Nurturing A Woman’s Heart

Be decisive in your choices

Be certain in your language

Carefully consider your options

Say what you intend to do and do what you say

Be playful in your gesture

Own who you are and live it

Make effort to know her needs

Be prepared to be challenged

Respect Mother Earth

Yes, this, of course, applies to all. 

Remember, our unresolved issues will be “tested”. We will be asked to be in our hearts and getting there can be very challenging particularly if we have experienced trauma, pain, volatility or a violent upbringing.

This can be true for many men… The request is to see that the beloved in your life is not only here to teach you, but to help you heal and be more present to your “stuff”. And of course, this applies in reverse also.

Where do you feel you could be more present to deepening or opening the heart of your beloved and in turn get to know more about you? For me, it is more profound layers of compassion and deepened empathy. Remember, others have a history of hurt that they now also find it difficult to give their hearts and trust again…

Compassion and empathy were very confusing emotions to hold for me and I know in my life a big part of my journey is knowing I can access those aspects of me and live in a healthy way. My surroundings, environments and loved ones will present postures and ways of being that will grant me the opportunity to them CHOOSE to express that.

We can either push our opportunities away or we can embrace them. Embracing them can be tough because often these very things we need to do can be the most difficult. And here is the hero’s journey of overcoming your past pain…

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Certainty is Sexy AF

Now I’m speaking to certainty being the new black and not a false or idle sense of certainty – I’m talkin’ ‘bout deep certainty of self that comes from traversing the unknown and the cultivating the courage to communicate that truth.

There is something fucking primal and attractive about a man that knows what he wants and how he wants it.

The Sacred Invitation

There is something magnificent about the human gaze… Particularly that of a woman. She is able to show so much of who she is, what has been and what will be.

As men, it is an honour to witness the sacredness of the gaze. This invitation into the soul and essence of a woman’s world liberate us from overthinking.

Are You Lost In The Doing?

Ever feel there is more…? The masculine expression in economic pursuit has become so lost in “doing” that he has forgotten to ask “what is worth doing”? This is not about being “anti-business”, this is about alignment of truths…

Expressive Connection

We yearn, we wish, we feel, we ‘know’, we dream, we envision, we care, we want, we desire, we need – yet we refrain. We hold back, we retract, we restrict, we constrict and we live in and from unconscious and patterned fears. Why?

Intimacy – A Dance Between Lovers

“The intimate and blissful dance between taking & being taken allows us to know ourselves at such depth”. This is contrast dynamics/polarity dynamics & the song of the masculine & the feminine, which resides within all of us.

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