The Power Of Admiration

So many relationships breakdown because we are not attentive to the beauty our partners hold within them – we ignore them and we become distant.

We essentially cannot see this beauty and wonder because we do not recognize our own value and power, a vicious cycle of hide and seek occurs.

We want to see and be seen but are too afraid of judgment, critique, potential humiliation because we are stuck in past trauma…

We lack the capacity to be compassionate with ourselves. Perhaps we are holding on to past pain which limits our abilities to be vulnerable and connected?

In my past I have held back massively from showing myself because I had unresolved and unaddressed patterns of pain and fears.

Therefore I couldn’t really see the beauty, value and power others held and emanated.

It wasn’t until I appreciated my own inner beauty and centre of power that I could admire and acknowledge others.

To observe and fully be transcended by a woman’s yoni – the centre Of the universe is a gift to our journey and consciousness. To observe with such reverence and love, awe and grace is such an empowering and bonding gift.

It requires effort. We all wish to be seen, and to see others fully is also a gift. The relationship can grow in this way and become deeply intimate because there are no barriers and the interchange becomes basically seamless and limitless.

To admire, honour and be in awe of your lover, beloved and one you care for is to be present to the wonder of them.

This is one sure way to have a healthy relationship, to take the time to acknowledge your wonder then create space to admire the innate gifts of your beloved.

Honour, revere, bow to your lover and know that in this giving you are drawing closer and expanding your potential as intimate beings.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Holding Your Partner Through Moon Cycles

Supporting, seeing and holding our women during a sacred time of their lives that symbolises so much wisdom and depth is critical. This is a great time of reflection and process, where we get to celebrate life creation and be present to this.
Our part is to hold, to witness, to ask what is needed and how it is needed. A time to revere, respect and trust. To be ourselves and to show up fuller and take the essence of this love into all other times also. This can be deep teaching of us as men.

The Place of the Heart

We are here. The place of the heart. The place where so many of us have believed for so long that the opening of the heart has no place in the realm of man. I, amongst many are here to tell you otherwise.

What Men Truly Desire From Women

I recall in my relationships I once demanded a great deal but wasn’t prepared to give. I was arrogant, entitled, and stubborn. This caused me to not only lack common relationship sense, but it also placed me spaces of resentment, projection, and blame.

The Truthful Gaze

It can be difficult to honor ourselves. Self-love and self-honoring haven’t been a priority for the collective. We have become more accustomed to obsessing as opposed to healthy honor and worship of others instead of ourselves.

What if we could use the act of HEALTHY worship of another to provide us with deep insight in to our own worth? What if the healthy, non-attached, compassionate, wise and cosmic worship of another allowed us to see our worthiness and value?

Why Sacred Union Is Sacred

It is through reference, context, contrast and mirroring that we understand deeply what life is truly about and for. I have recently reached certain realisations that without sacredness in mirroring I truly believe I would not have reached.

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