Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

The Underestimating Of Female Power

As a collective energy and historically men have disregarded the sacredness of women – the authentic power they bring and the presence they contain.

The narrative has been one of discrimination, segregation, divide, oppression and minimization.

To minimize is to discount, to ignore and to not value. In this devaluing as men, we miss the potency of power each women holds within her feminine sphere of expression.

If we pay attention, remain present and importantly, stay open to what can be offered we will ‘win’. This is true unity and connection.

Discrimination of this kind only distances us and places in perceived positions of superiority that are falsely placed in the ego mind.

Over thousands of years this attitude, belief, behavior and mindset permeates our broader cultural parameters. The destructive then becomes normality.

When we speak to toxicity in our relationships, communication and interactions we are speaking to minimizing what is of deep value because we fear difference.

Men, if we only remained open and present to the intrinsic value and gifts that each woman brings this earth we will all grow and evolve.

To push away something of such value that can inform, guide, provide wisdom and empower is a shame. Literally, we feel this unconscious shame because we know intrinsically it is not ‘natural’. This shame the distances us further from mindful connection. What a shame, what deep pain.

This can be remedy by stepping out of fear and in to courage. To consciously relate means to openly accept, invite and move with instead of against.

To undo what we have done is challenging. But with every challenge comes an opportunity for connection and deep realization.

The deeper the challenge the more profound the opportunity for growth and transformation.

Continuity in behavioral expression that denies the innate and sacred beauty of what completes polarity (essentially adds tremendous growth to us – and when this statement is made it is with deep intent), will only hinder us as men, as a cultural and as a global tribe.

Be open to receiving, this is the greatest gift we can give earth, humanity and ourselves as men.

Our power comes not in suppression but rather in allowing, flowing in verticality, being open hearted and open minded and recognizing that the old paradigm of division needs to shift.

The time for wholeness has arrived and our part resides in transmuting the collective masculine ways of old and reconnecting to the layered and holistic beauty of our women.


One is always glad to be of service.


Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker
Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

Close Your Eyes – Open Your Soul

Imagine moving close to the one that tantalises the sensation of alertness on your skin, but not too close.

Visualise your body making ever the slightest of contact on the body of your beloved for the first time, then immediately pulling away.

Feel your breath become more rapid with anticipation.

Doing The Inner Work

Firstly, this isn’t a gender thing. It’s a people thing. We are often really scared of change.
This is often a tough one in relationships. We want people to change with us, to do what we do, try what we try, feel what we feel and share similar interests.
At a primal level, it is our nervous system feeling safe in the presence of familiarity. Additionally, when we share similar paths, values and interests we are all part of the “in-group”. In social psychology, this is crucial to one’s feeling of being safe and surviving.

The Power Of Belief In Relationship

If you don’t believe in yourself or your beloved, you will never grow and be in consistent friction within your own mindscape and your dynamic with each other.

Love Is Conditional

There it is. I said what basically we all do. We all place conditions on the way we care for others, okay, well the VAST majority of us do. I know I have & so what, where to from here? Are standards, ideals, values & conditions bad?

If your partner is physically or emotionally abusing you consistently should you remain in that situation with no indication of change because you wish to have ‘unconditional love’?

Men – Healthy Pursuit

In our culture, in our society (men in particular) can often be ostracized for single minded and tenacious pursuit. When we engage or embody any expressive state in an imbalanced, non-harmonious and polarized manner over time we become almost toxic in our posture…

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