Strive For Greater Equity

The nature of reality shows us that one cannot exist without the other (duality – light and dark/good and evil). We may never “find” or create absolute “peace,” but that doesn’t mean we cannot do our best to strive for greater equity, deeper love, a more profound appreciation for difference and a truer reverence for ourselves and each other.

When we bring ourselves to the precipice and edge of a deep challenge and we face this difficulty with courage and willingness we evolve beyond our old selves.

There is intense inner and outer conflict at present between what is considered right and wrong. This little ‘r’ right and little ‘w’ wrong are dividing us.

Irrespective of what perspective we are taking, we are latching on to an absolute identity that we must align with because if we don’t, we fear losing ourselves.

This feeling of annihilation is so strong that it causes us to act in extreme ways. Holding a rigid and dogmatic approach to life and the threat of change. There are those that fear death and there are those that fear losing their “freedoms.”

Attack “the other” mindlessly or even articulately and we simply regress… The answer? I am not completely sure as yet… But what I do know is that embracing capital “T” Truth matters and healing our past is important.

Safety is the healing. How do we feel safe? Deal with unresolved, unconscious, lingering trauma. Do our inner work. Activate the aspects of our being that are healthy. Look after our bodies, tend to our mends, and aim to open our hearts.

The perpetuation of violence and acting from threats perpetuates more fear.

Fear retracts us.

When we retract we either defend or attack.

We are now in opposition to each other. Us/them. Segregations destroy human potential.

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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