Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

The Cost Of Freedom

The price we pay for expansive freedom is feeling the pain of releasing the old that no longer serves us. The price we pay for freedom is releasing ourselves from the shackles of limitation and what holds us back from living our truth, our presence and our authentic being.

The cost of freedom is our ignorance, are our fears, our doubts, our confusion and our misplaced mistrusting minds. We pay for freedom with the quietening down of our monkey mind. Freedom from our fears comes at a cost and expression now becomes limitless.

It means no longer being familiar with what once was all we knew. Freedom means at times being unrecognisable to others. Leaving the ‘old world’ behind for the prospect of living in congruency, empowerment and expansiveness.

Freedom, in this context means re-evaluating, reshuffling and reorganising the entirety of what we know and feel to be real. The price for freedom becomes dealing with the unknown, immersion in to the mystery, playing in the dark and perhaps trading old fears for new fears, albeit temporal.

The price we pay for freedom (not living a set of continuous lies) is we now have an opportunity to confront the darkness within. The price we pay IS facing that darkness, dancing with it, just long enough to gain, learn and grow from it.

Freedom comes at many a cost… The costs stack up, but so does the value from complete immersion in to freedom. Life comes at a cost. And… So, what? Must we taint this ‘cost’ negatively? Tarnish it with a perception of ‘this is bad’? I think not.

Freedom – Growth – Expansion – Love – Truth: all synonymous terms worthy of embodied pursuit and yes, they come at a cost. Our ignorance, our limitations, our rigid beliefs, our pains, our toxic fears, our disconnection from self, others and truth, the lies we tell ourselves, the suffering we harbour.

Freedom releases us from these constructs and states. Freedom releases us from our attachment to them. Yes, they may still reside within us, but as they do, they are perceived, felt and interacted with very differently when we choose to embrace fear.

In sharing intimacy, we release the need to be right, to be in power, to fear losing, to fear being controlled, to be detached from self, to lose ourselves and so much more. When freedom is present in intimacy, we are simply present to each moment as it unravels and unfolds before us.

Freedom in intimacy is liberating and opening. Our hearts widen, deepen and expand. Our minds – less confused and in greater mastery of self. Our yearning to be seen actioned by authentic posturing and mirroring, not what we are projecting the ‘other’ demands or expects from us… Equilibrated and nuanced relating – conscious, aware, real and meaningful.

Freedom is for everyone, freedom is our natural state – yet, it can not thrive without its contrasted counterparts: fears, pain, restriction, facade, ignorance and constriction. The paradox is, that when we embrace these states, we embrace freedom and release ourselves from the burden of limitation.

Is freedom worth the price? Yes, yes it is…

One is always glad to be of service.

Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker
Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

Are You Struggling?

Are you living a double life? Are you committed to owning your truth? We learn from both struggles/challenge/“failure” and success/wins and the positive.
We hold in what is painful or appears to be weak. I share as much of my life as I can to inspire others to share more of themselves to and for themselves so that we cease to polarize and pretend we are not struggling.
To normalize challenge and pain and not put a facade on of “all is perfect in my world”.

The Humble Man To The Sacredness Of Woman

There are awakened, humble and open men in this world WILLING to adore and to revere the sacredness of woman – to lead with prowess and to be open to being lead…

There are awakened and open men ready to SEE the sacredness of woman for who she truly is.

There are awakened and open men who deeply miss the sacredness of woman when she is not near. Not from desperation, but because her essence inspires him profoundly.

The Sacred Art Of Creative Seduction

To seduce deeply we must know & importantly feel ourselves and what we desire. So many of us attempt to love in the world but are pulled away from our sexual desires.

We are so disconnected from our needs. So shamed for who we are, what we want and what we need in this human-spiritual form.

The Dynamics of Relationship

It is often rare to create a relationship that is truly free. Freedom defined as our willingness to be present to all that unravels within the relationship, whilst also been not attached to the fruits of our efforts.

This does not mean that we are careless in the relationship, it actually means we care at such a depth that we have merged the selfish with the selfless. We are grounded in our expression and our energetic imprint allows those in our lives to feel that they have wings.

‘Fighting’ The Resistance

Do you feel unsafe in your life? To feel safe, immerse in the unsafe, familiarise yourself with this state so that it no longer becomes the unknown. Make the uncomfortable deeply comfortable and from here you will flourish….

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