A New Man Rising

The Man Of The Future

The man of the future has not quite arrived as yet. In partitioned and compartmentalised fragments the essence of this man is here – present on Earth.

In fact, he has always been here dormant in his glory. Afraid to be his authentic truth, to step in to his giving nature and embrace his selfless power. These circumstances are transmuting.


Today’s Man

Today’s man has been beaten and moulded in to a shape that is unrecognisable compared to his authentic self. The man of tomorrow is ready. The man of tomorrow is preparing.

As men we have been suppressed by our systemic oppressive conditioning. As we have disempowered those around us we have fractured ourselves and limited our potential.


Heart-Mind Connectedness

The man of tomorrow recognises his relational nature. He embraces the truth of reciprocity and no longer hides behind a veil of ignorance, oppression, fear and misused muscle.

The man of tomorrow is responsible, he is humble to his growth and bows in humility to all that humbles him. He maintains a clean mind, heart, home and planet. He is aware of his surroundings and the interconnected nature of reality.

He leads from his heart-mind, not his conditioned monkey-mind. False bravado is not part of the conscious man’s essence. He speaks, communicates, gestures and presents from the openness of his heart. He is ready to commit to what he values and what he believes in fully.

The man ‘becoming’ is accountable to his actions, he is responsible for his life’s path. He is discerning in the choices he consciously makes and assumes full ownership for his journey.


True Depth & Gratitude

Tomorrow’s man is a real man – a real man is present to his current state. His present moment is felt through his body and heart, viscerally and emotionally. He is not afraid to express the fullness of his being.

He is deeply grateful for the richness in life. He is emotionally astute, intelligent and has mastery over his being. He knows that every opportunity is an opportunity for growth, therefore he negates operating from fear, past wounding and pain.He has mastered his inner state in service to his path and to the path of his loved ones. He is ‘selfishly selfless’.

He chooses not to hurt others, but to serve others. He recognises the interconnected nature of all things and he honours the divine feminine in his world. He can move with fear and pain, he can cry, demonstrate emotion deeper than the chasms of the ocean and still be present to his own state.


The Power Of Harmony, Emotions & Giving

The man of tomorrow knows how to give to himself and nurture his being, care for the value of his life and love openly all that is.

The man of tomorrow pursues excellence, is a masterful and inquisitive explorer and is consistent in his presence. He is reliable, trustworthy and here. He embraces his animal nature yet is wise enough to ‘know’ when to act from varied planes of existence.

He releases pain, connects to his truth and loves himself for what and who he is. He releases shame and guilt, but feels the fullness of it and owns it for what it is – a stage of evolution.

He can express anger and rage meaningfully and maturely. He is kind in his eyes and there is softness in his touch. He nurtures children by guiding them, leading by posturing and being patient.

He knows how to apologise and he has ceased to externalise his blame for his pain. He recognises the often limitations through applied ignorance, forgives, holds empathy in his heart and compassion in his body.

He has ceased to allow his wounding, trauma and condition to destroy the beauty and evolution of his intimate relationships and he knows (through feeling) how to express authentic intimacy with his beloved.


Sexual Maturity & Mastery

He is not governed fully by his sexual centre, but rather moves through life in homeostasis, connectedness and balance – consciousness, heart and sexuality. He is not extreme and violent, he is calm to his inner world.

He knows how to manage his inner state accordingly. He knows when he needs time and space in order to be whole and if he is not whole, there is no madness associated with the fixing of self.

He is truthful, respectful and reveres women deeply. He is connected to other healthy men and allows these relationships to flourish fully and openly through meaningful connection.


Man As An Embodied Creator

He is a creator of magic and life through discipline, focus, clarity and purposefulness. He is malleable in his gesturing and open in his heart. He fears not effort, but embraces the notion of attention and sincere intention. He is not afraid to confront pain, fear and doubt and knows the only way is through.

He is giving with his heart, soul, mind, wisdom, experience, body and time. When he loves, he loves at depth and breadth. He is honourable, connected to self and loving. He respects his own sovereignty, yet comprehends deeply universal connected consciousness and oneness.

He embraces both his shadow and light, his masculinity and femininity, his go and flow, his be and do – his polarity and contrast. He is not perfect and can recognise when he is ‘wrong’.

He owns his actions and seeks apology as he is a feeling being, he feels remorse and comes from a place of love. From here he grows and envelops in to the power that he was always born to be.

He believes in equity and knows his place in the cosmos. He is of the stars, yet grounded to Earth. He is mindful, present and acts with the interests of all in mind and heart.


The Masculine Heart

He gives his heart to his beloved and is there for her in wholeness. He observes astutely, quietly, in stillness and he seeks silence as it recharges his being.

He builds communities, creates wonderment, allows confidence to flourish and takes action as a sovereign yet unified being. He is fierce, he is love, he is truth. He can absorb criticism and assimilate truth.

He has healthy boundaries and knows that he does not know it all, nor must he ‘fix’ life, but rather be with life… He knows he can learn so much from the women in his life and of course, mother Gaia.

In times of need he is dependable and the man of the future is growing, expanding and seeking. Yet, he is fully content with where he is, for he recognises the value of the present moment.


The Fullness Of Love

When he loves, he loves profoundly, his gaze is inescapable and he will protect, guard and be of service to what he values with all that he is.

He reveres deeply his beloved like never before. He knows when to ravage and when to be gentle. He is deeply intuitive and connected to the needs of his beloved. No, he is not perfection, he simply is… Learning, growing and evolving.

He is ready to transmute and transform what no longer serves and he is ready to fight for what he believes in – to destroy old paradigms that are oppressive and fractured in order for his love to shine through and the essence of those he cares deeply for to also come to light.


Depth Of Wisdom & Clarity

The man of tomorrow serves with transparency and clarity. He is self-aware and conscious. He loves the women in his life like they are a part of him – because they are. The man of tomorrow can be here today. It is our choice.

And yes, we do exist and yes we are not perfection in motion, but rather progress in motion and we love wholly, fully and connectedly.

We have passed through much and are still here. We honour deeply the women in our lives and we are in grace and gratitude for their patience, love, adoration and presence.

I am humbled to (in parts) be and become this man, I commit to this path and promise to continue to evolve myself through the story that is life.


One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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