Man’s Version Of Creation

Creation resides at the epicentre of humanity. The feminine in the female embodied is the epitome of creation. She literally gives life. Of course not without the integrated essence of the masculine. However, the feminine carries, births, produces and houses life.

Man’s or the masculine drive to create therefore becomes a focus for the masculine mind and essence. We create systems, structures, buildings, innovations, technologies, we generate wealth, sociocultural momentum, economic models and so much more in the “outside” world.

Whilst this is useful and necessary for expansion as our external is a reflection of the internal; the shadow expressive reflection of this “NEED” to create is demonstrated through excessiveness, hyper-competitiveness, the compensation of “over-doing” at the expense of other values such as loving relationships, living an aligned purpose, integrity and being in the world.

In its shadow; our doing is in excess, it is obsessive and is attempting to compensate for the ultimate creation of life. When we are not at peace with the value we bring, our unconscious belief of not being enough in the world (because we think we are less than as we cannot procreate), then suppresses and oppresses the feminine and true masculine power — again, at any cost.

She is belittled and devalued. And we become autocratic, restless and never satisfied. We become power-hungry, with an insatiable appetite for more and more and more. We become rampant consumers, chained to an industrial era of corporations and the almighty dollar. Let us come back to a yearning for change.

Our sacred place must shift from the “corporate entity” to the mythical, the curious, the fertile earth, community and the cosmos. This is the domain and the empire of man. To step into this truth and be validated by his own sense of intrinsic worthiness will reinvigorate the evolving man. Man is powerful and is needed. Mans being is equally as valuable. We need to know this.

Competing and comparison with our women is not a fruitful task. It creates isolation, distance and resentment. We grow separately and despise each other’s gifts as opposed to celebrating our differences.

Our time to be different is drawing upon us. Can you be a man of cosmic curiosity? Can you balance certainty in self with the mystery that is life and bathe in the lagoon of possibility with a greater sense of peace?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



How To Create Deeper Intimacy & Explosive Sex

There are a million one ways to create connection and depth in relationship. I could go deep in to techniques, secrets and the subtleties of behaviour and human interaction and the reality is if we don’t explore ourselves first and are willing to venture in to the unknown, it’s a fruitless task.

Something that is massively overlooked in our world today is selflessness and giving. Moving beyond the first stage of intimate relating of selfishness and a focus of “what can I get from this relationship”, in to: “what can I give to this relationship”?

Entering A Woman Consciously

Conscious sexuality and sex becomes an integrated and holistic experience as opposed being solely reduced to a biological one. There is an understanding that sex is a deep spiritual (connected) practice that allows us to delve in to the depths and richness of the human experience.

Hug Like You Mean It

Embrace your beloved as if this is the first and last moment you will share. In embracing with complete presence we release inhibition, judgement, self-constraint, self-consciousness and unchecked fear/s.

The World I Have Come To Know

As I sit and watch, observe the world around me behave, watching my nephews eat and people stroll, walk and run past I can’t help but to feel the world around me…

Ever since I was a child I could really FEEL the world, people and their pain. I would feel their pain in order to not feel alone in the world. I also experienced so much of it myself that I wanted to help others with their pain.

Anahata Chakra

The area of the heart (Anahata) can be challenging for solarised masculine men to open, express healthily and still remain in yang or solar energy. This chakra is part of the mental body and can be challenging to arouse. To activate this area of expression and being, it is essential we have activated the receptive side of our being.

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