The Importance of Sacred Sexuality

In a world where connection and intimacy are fleeting, we crave it, yet few are willing to do what it takes to feel it fully.

Sexuality IS sacred. It allows us to know ourselves through the other. We seek to experience true lasting joy more than we do “pleasure”. Pleasure is easily accessible, a quick fix, short-term gratification that distracts.

Joy requires effort in the form of attention and presence. In a world of deep distraction, this can be tough. This means knowing ourselves and feeling the whole of who we are. Pleasure is not “bad”. We need it, our issue is we overindulge. Whether it be bingeing and being extreme with fast food, fast sex, distractions, and numbing agents such as drugs, porn, or alcohol. We are consumed with distraction.

Joy in intimacy requires effort. Sacred sexuality asks us to lean in deeply into seeing ourselves in the other. To ask who we are when our bodies are pressed up against each other, our foreheads touching. To gaze deeply into the eyes of another and compliment their polarity.

The feminine’s core essence is to be adaptive, to move intuitively; the masculine is more predictable, holding and sturdy in his expressive energetic. SUSTAINABLE joyful explosiveness is experienced at this crossroads of healthy and complimentary contrast — READ THAT AGAIN!

The masculine taking, guiding, and holding. The feminine opening, receiving, and allowing. Now the movement in sexual expression becomes free. True joy is experienced without restraint. Curiosity is present. Reverence for each other. We can see each other because we’re free of unresolved shadow, pain, and shame — this requires effort and self-love.

Beyond the plains of pleasure resides a deeper expression of the human experience. Joy, bliss, and presence. To be attentive we must exert presence and willingness.

It’s not about “more sex”, it’s about intentional sexual Union. Not how many you can f*ck, but how you penetrate with your presence.

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One is glad to be of service.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Debunking 5 Myths Around Being a Man

Whilst there are many ideas around what it means to be masculine and what it means to be a man in today’s world, many of them are either based on outdated cultural norms or are distorted and unrealistic. Why? Because, we are placing far too much emphasis on what man ‘should’ be in an idealistic sense and not actually placing attention on the gifts of man.

Ravage The ‘Dark’

A message to all men…

Ravage, relish in and be fully present to all faces, sides and expressions of the feminine prowess and power. To be present to all that she is means you are willing to traverse the depths of being to truly know her and inturn, truly know yourself.

The Great Divide

Space… The great divide. I am not speaking to the space we may know as outer space, the cosmos or the universe. I am referring to the space we require in relationships. We forget the utter importance of what space provides us.
Space is a bridge. Attraction, eroticism, connection and intimacy not only comes from closeness, but it comes from space, distance and a yearning to be in each other’s presence. And the creation of space is an “art”. Too much and one is perhaps forgotten, not often enough and one may feel suffocated and the loss of magnetism.

The Holding Through The Storm

Men, this is for us. To work through our ‘stuff’ – to drop the facade, the ego and ‘do the work’. To come to peace with who we are and be the conscious warriors we were born to BE!

To Honour Is To Create Together

“When I truly honoured myself, I was able to honour women”…

In this life I have been blessed to transform many times over. There have been times where I have delved deep in to my own self solo and in isolation. There have been times when I have been deeply supported by other brothers. And there have been times where I have been guided by the divine presence of the feminine.

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