The Force Behind Consistency

When a man embodies consistency as his mantra for optimising his life, he becomes extremely powerful. Consistency however can be trickster, allow me to explain.

When we become regular, frequent and habitual in any practice we (our brains, minds and bodies) become quite proficient at that practice.

So, if you are practicing being reactive, angry, being unhealthy and your go to for dealing with pain and stress is to binge eat, suppress, avoid or take it out on others then that will be your norm.

You see, consistency can either be the devil you know or the angel on your shoulder leading you towards grace and the promised land!

We must wield consistency in our favour. Use it to our will. We must define that will. Men are very good at ‘doing’. Men are proficient at directing their energy towards something that matters.

The problem is for so long, we have taken this skill of will and determinism and have directed it towards the ‘wrong kind of thing’. We have focused on taking, living in excess and not honouring ourselves or others.

We have become consistently proficient at not growing and not doing our true gifts justice. Now, this is not applicable to every man and so many men (people) have the art of healthy consistency down pat.

How to be consistent in a healthy way? Get clear on what you want and learn to GIVE. When we give and we act in service to our highest selves and the needs of others, we cultivate muscles of selflessness.

This focus allows us to engage in best practices aligned with our health. When we give, the body releases serotonin, this makes us feel good and we want more of it. We then cultivate consistent practices of giving that help us be better men.

Start with giving, begin with healing and practice habits that feed your soul, not take away from the power that you are.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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