Shadow Sexual Desire

We all have sex. Most of us adore sex. Most of us crave it, yet many of us do not know what we truly want when it comes to our sexual desires or fantasies. Our sexual fantasies often remain in the imagination because we are too fearful to explore the meaning of them.

We can’t explore them because we don’t own them. We repress and suppress our feelings and lose ourselves in what we think others want and we minimise our own needs. In doing so we behave from the shadow self.

Shadow sexual desires play out when we crave, are curious or yearn to express a particular way yet deny ourselves of this. We are too embarrassed, scared of being rejected, shamed or isolated because of our curiosities.

We must find those that we trust to be connected and intimate with. Those who will not shame us for wanting to explore parts of ourselves that may be perceived taboo or different by the mainstream. Perhaps its role play, perhaps its a private getaway with your lover, perhaps its being with multiple partners at once.

Whatever you perceive to be ‘weird’ or outside the norm you will hide from and push away; and in doing so you are neglecting a part of you that needs to be seen. It is so liberating to cultivate the courage to speak in to existence your sexual desires.

And this is beyond something that is obscure or kink. It is about authentic expression. Remember, sexual expression presents itself in three forms and when we repress our deepest truth our life force energy (the third form) suffers. We withdraw from life, become secretive and lose our ability to be intimate.

I spent many years living in the shadows of my own sexuality and in sexual shame. When I owned who I was and actually dealt with suppressed trauma I felt sexually liberated – my mind was freed from incessant judgement and external guilt left me.

If you want to know yourself and be yourself in the world, dedicate yourself to finding yourself.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Giving Of The Cosmic Heart

“I have ‘seen’ it all and in seeing it all, I fear no-thing or no-one”.

It is only in recognizing the value of living that we may bow in sublime reverence to love and the open heart of presence.

We all emerge, expand and merge from the same source of life. That source is the infinite tonal beat of the cosmic heart.

The Remarkable Nature Of The Modern Queen

Of late I have been contemplating deeply the beautiful women I am surrounded by and that are entering my sphere of awareness. The vast women carrying so much depth, wisdom, reverence for men and clarified maturity who are entering my perception is humbling….

Understanding Trauma

Trauma is not simple. We can’t compare one’s trauma to another’s. “I wasn’t sexually abused or tortured, therefore I shouldn’t be distressed”. One’s trauma is not “worse” than someone else’s. And it’s difficult as we place a hierarchy on certain experiences. We must break away from comparing and observe our own experiences.

A Man’s Worth

I once thought that my worth as a man was derived from my title, status, what I accumulated and what I DID in the world. I honestly believed that the only way to feel worthy was defined by what I had, not who I am.

Clarity Is King

Men, clarity is the pathway to freedom, love, liberation, openness and all that we desire.

Clarity for all of us is an embodied state that has the potential to allow us to live a full life.

Clarity is the precursor to feeling fully. Without a clear mind, heart and body we are ‘dirty channels’ for the transmission of wisdom and empowerment.

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