How To Truly Love and Honor Your Beloved

Hold her firmly, like the structure of solid oak. That oak is unshaken by the wind, as is your integrity and capacity to hold for all of her.

That oak is only shaped by the direction of its intention. Imagine your intention carrying the power of a thousand kings – trusted, revered, and depended upon to be present.

That oak and its roots move deeper, as time intertwines with the space the oak occupies. Your intimate connection deepens as you further allow the depth of your commitment to open your heart up to true freedom.

Consider your love, affection, and your leaning in that of necessity. Without your sincere attention, the relationship withers away. Growth becomes stagnant.

Like the oak without proper nutrients, it becomes sick, stops growing, and becomes a relic of the past. Your relationship may only flourish when you feed it with the nutrients it needs.

Can you choose love when you’re paralyzed by fear?

Can you say yes to the de-armament of your heart when all it wants to do is close?

Can you lean into your shame when all you want to do is pull away, be aggressive to protect, and create distance?

Can you say no to choosing your past unresolved trauma because it’s comfortable, familiar, convenient and therefore the “wrong kind of safe”?

Can you choose to not taint who she is today with images of past lovers? Projecting your last pain onto her beauty?

Can you be present when she is in pain and needs you and not run away because it feels like “too much”? Where were you “too much” for others or where were others too much for you?

Can you ravish her in your presence, merge bodies, ravage her mind, her heart, and her pulsating body as she presents all of her to you?

Will you cower and pull away because of your own insecurities?

Can you choose her when she is acting from a place of ugly? Or will you reject her and distract yourself with convenient and novel lust elsewhere?

When you’ve “had enough” will you make her and perceive her as “more”?

Will you awake in the morning, gaze at her peaceful slumber, choose her and gently kiss her eyelids, and be immersed in gratitude like never before?

Can you choose each other when it’s difficult to do so?

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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