There Is Only Love

Disconnected Injustice

In a world where injustice has become an arbitrary term and deep, disconnected fear of connection, the ability to be authentic in lieu of being harshly judged and relational pain fills our lungs like an awful stench all we truly have is the embodiment of love and the pursuit of grace.

In a world where the term freedom has become distorted – so many of us now become self-gratifying, self-absorbed, ignorant and almost narcissistic fools ready to move from one point of excitement to the next with out consideration for the growth of one’s path, nor the well-being of others.


Why Do We Cause Pain?

Why do we hurt each other so profoundly? Why are we so distant from deep connection? Why do we fear being loved? Why do we fear placing our hearts in to the care of others? Somewhat rhetorical questions that actually require sincere attention. We often live methodical, calculated lives of disdain and disconnection to serve a greater perpetual and systemic machine of fear, doubt and endless suffering.

When we choose to live from love, we cease to hate, we cease to segregate, we cease to fear the unknown, we cease to be fearful of what differs culturally, we cease to place complete emphasis on what is different and we begin to observe and value what is of vast similarity between what is ultimately deeply connected and unified. Love unites and provides us with perspective. Love liberates us from living in harsh tonality that causes friction and distance. When we ‘avoid’ love and communicating our truth, we are distancing ourselves from connected evolution.

We become irate and intolerable of what we do not understand and perhaps there in rests the problem. Our incessant need and requirement to understand and know. To have connected reason for all that we feel, think and experience. To attempt to rationalise what ultimately needs not logic or reason but initially and embodiment of surrender and trust. This entails us being present to the essence of life force that permeates our cells and spirit (one in the same) – love.


Embodiment – Thinking – Truth

This does not mean that feeling or physical embodiment is vastly different to reason, logic or creative analysis. It means that there are times in our existence where one must prelude the other in order to deepen the overall and whole connection, value and meaning of the other. In this case when we exit our minds (what appears to be abstract and time bound – albeit temporal) and move in to our bodies (the embodied present moment) we discover a new and profound way to relate beautifully to each other and to ourselves.

When we consciously choose to discard of the ego which places barriers of intensified fear between our conditioned selves and our potential we begin to observe the world through a different light. There is a difference however between fearlessness and recklessness. We wish to be fearless with our movement through life, not reckless (arrogant, blind, careless, ignorant and stubborn). In fact, we do not wish to be fear-less, but rather fear-full. This means that we embrace the fear, we absorb it in to our being for it is a part of us, it contributes to our wholeness, not our fragmentation. However, we do not allow the posture of fear to overrun our integrated faculties and distance us from the truth and immense power of what love symbolises and represents in this 3D existence.


Confusion & Polarisation

In the face of confused disconnect we all wish to simply be loved wholly, fully and for who and what we are and of course we wish to express love, to give openly and to be ourselves with another that may admire our being for all that it is with no critique or harshness. We all wish to experience life in such a way that we actually feel connection, are at one with our truth, are connected to our authentic power (our ability to express freely, without judgement and be authentic in our posturing – living on our terms). This does not mean extreme behaviour, or operating from pathology. This means we are inclusive in our behaviours, expressions and love for self and others.

In a polarised world where so many aspects of self are fragmented and pushed aside, where so many aspects of who we truly are negated for superficiality, cheap thrills, quick fixes and immediate short-term gratification; now, more than ever we need to be true to the essence of love. Love by definition is almost (and I say almost consciously) undefinable (in words), we can come close, but we are just not quite there. This does not mean we should stop trying, that we should cease to express the fullness of what love may be?


Love As A Journey – Depth Of Experience

Love is a journey that is comprised of stories. It is the manner in which we commit to ourselves in the face of these stories that define our path and deeper connection to what love truly represents. Love is a gift. Love is a blessing. Love is a gateway, a pathway to higher consciousness, deepened understanding and an expansive connection to the source of our truth. Love is not ‘concrete’, nor ‘solid’, nor need it be. Love needs to be fluid, malleable, adaptive, open and free. Love is beautifully expansive and liberating. Love allows us to live not with out fear, but assists us in becoming intimate with fear in such a way that fear becomes an integral part of our story. This is the alchemising power of love.

Depth of love is our ability to trust. Trust what, who and why you may ask? Trust ourselves primarily, trust the core of our intentions for love is sincere intention in perpetual motion actualised through physical expression. It is in this expression that we then begin to trust, revere and respect those in our lives that are worthy of our breath and of course for them to be worthy of us, we must of course be worthy of them. This reciprocal and symbiotic trust liberates our being. We trust in order to grow. We allow others in our lives to shine their wisdom on the ares of our inner chasms that require attention (possible expansion, revealing, growth and revelation). We may only trust those we feel a bond with, those we know where reciprocal exchange may transpire and benefit all involved.


Choosing Love

If you choose love, you are choosing to evolve. Love is the antithesis of restriction. Love is an expansive state that encapsulates limitlessness, stillness, silence and infinite alchemical potentiality. It is in stillness and silence that we grow in to what we were always meant to be… Majestic and cosmic magnificence contributing to the collective consciousness in such a profound way that all there is unified oneness.


I am learning, I am growing, but I am ready… Are you…?


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



A Man’s Suffering

You would think this wouldn’t be that hard to have in modern world. However, we are missing this. Men are overworked, depressed, repressed, isolated, numb and in excess pursuit of values such as status that does not serve.

Our boys are still growing in to adult bodies without effective rites of passage, without the confidence, wisdom, knowledge and skills. They are essentially left to fend for themselves and figure it out alone.

The Density Of Anger

I can tell you about the physiological effects that excess anger and frustration has on the body. I can tell you how excess stress hormones released throughout the body due to a cognitive spotlight focus of anger damages our neurones.

I can tell you about the feeling of not being in control and how longterm, this affects negatively our sense of self and understanding of who we are. I can tell you that the less we self-regulate the more we have that feeling of not being in control of the direction of our internal monologue, stories we feel ourselves and pain we feel.

The Place of the Heart

We are here. The place of the heart. The place where so many of us have believed for so long that the opening of the heart has no place in the realm of man. I, amongst many are here to tell you otherwise.

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The Privilege Of ‘Taking’

How can we take? What does it mean to ‘take’? Why does it matter? True and authentic taking is trust in motion. Taking from a place of connection, transparency, empowerment and surrender can only occur when there are equitable power balances in play.

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