To Love Deeply All Women, We Must Love Profoundly One Woman

I was having a deeply profound conversation with a brother earlier and we were speaking to the path of sacred union and consciously relating to one another.

He aptly said something along the lines of going deep with a woman and being deeply committed to her allows us to love all women. This sincere reverence we may cultivate for our beloved is liberating.

There is something deep that unravels within each man when he commits to anything of substance. Particularly, when he connects to the power of intimate relating. The unbridled commitment shared sparks something cosmic and yet grounding in the feminine.

This unwavering clarity, certainty and commitment exhibited by the masculine liberates full feminine expression. To want to (in fact yearn to) traverse all layers and facets of relationship with a beloved is essentially opening to the collective force of the feminine.

The masculine is so driven and precise in presence when in the healthy king archetype. Imagine we take this precision and desire we are capable of and direct it in to conscious relating? We open up deep channels of intimacy, vulnerability, elevation and transcendence.

Love your woman with such tenacity, freedom and presence that the ripple effect is felt by the greater collective essence. When you’re there… be there!

When you’re in the presence of the authentic feminine be there with all you are – with such focus, willingness and openness that no-THING matters but that which is captivating your heart, body, mind and soul there and then.

When other women feel your dedication and commitment to your woman, they are inspired immensely, they FEEL hopeful and open to being seen. Importantly, your ability to harness this power, liberates any stagnant and sticky intentions and energy your unconscious self may hold.

This now becomes safe union. A union so sacred and transparent that is only directed by divine cosmic intention.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Why You May Be Attracting an Effeminate Man In Intimacy

We learn at a young age to wear masks to protect ourselves and be part of the “in” or popular group. We seek validation, approval and acceptance of those we deify, love and respect (aka our parents, peers and society).
We can’t maintain this. We seek to be accepted in all the wrong ways. Masculine and feminine energies exist in all of us. They are simply contrasted energetic expressions of our thoughts, beliefs and reality.

To Feel

o FEEL beyond that moment, yet to be fully immersed in that moment

To SEE beyond the superficial, yet to appreciate deeply the aesthetic

To KNOW there is so much more, yet to be content with what one has

A Healthy And Embodied Masculine Man

Your ability to be a HEALTHY and embodied masculine man will be dependent on how RESILIENT and TOUGH you are WILLING to be.

Let’s just speak to two expressions or components for healthy masculinity. Sure, there are many – presence, compassion, confidence, clarity, honesty, truth, openness, vulnerability, decisiveness, introspective, magnetic, robust, adaptability, expansive, singular and so much more.

The Time Of The Sacred Mother

Men, when we revere the mother, we are honoring a sacred part of our lineage. A tribute to the mother is an honoring of life…

I have been blessed to witness and directly experience many different mother energies in my life. I thank deeply the nurturing I have received from my mother, grandmothers, Mother Earth and all other mother figures who I have been blessed enough to be graced by their wisdom, beauty and presence. Thank you.

“Controlling” The Mystery

Men seek to control what they do not understand. We spend so much of our energy and time attempting to subjugate, conquer or demean women because we feel threatened and vulnerable to the mystery power that the feminine holds over our unconscious psyches.


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