To Love Deeply All Women, We Must Love Profoundly One Woman

I was having a deeply profound conversation with a brother earlier and we were speaking to the path of sacred union and consciously relating to one another.

He aptly said something along the lines of going deep with a woman and being deeply committed to her allows us to love all women. This sincere reverence we may cultivate for our beloved is liberating.

There is something deep that unravels within each man when he commits to anything of substance. Particularly, when he connects to the power of intimate relating. The unbridled commitment shared sparks something cosmic and yet grounding in the feminine.

This unwavering clarity, certainty and commitment exhibited by the masculine liberates full feminine expression. To want to (in fact yearn to) traverse all layers and facets of relationship with a beloved is essentially opening to the collective force of the feminine.

The masculine is so driven and precise in presence when in the healthy king archetype. Imagine we take this precision and desire we are capable of and direct it in to conscious relating? We open up deep channels of intimacy, vulnerability, elevation and transcendence.

Love your woman with such tenacity, freedom and presence that the ripple effect is felt by the greater collective essence. When you’re there… be there!

When you’re in the presence of the authentic feminine be there with all you are – with such focus, willingness and openness that no-THING matters but that which is captivating your heart, body, mind and soul there and then.

When other women feel your dedication and commitment to your woman, they are inspired immensely, they FEEL hopeful and open to being seen. Importantly, your ability to harness this power, liberates any stagnant and sticky intentions and energy your unconscious self may hold.

This now becomes safe union. A union so sacred and transparent that is only directed by divine cosmic intention.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Role-mate Or Soul-mate?

A role-mate is born of desperation, survival and fear. We get together to survive, not thrive. We don’t share deep values, we are here to serve primal needs only. Our intimacy is empty and scarce. We base our relationships on convenient agreements of doing in the world. Soul-mates come together to thrive, expand their connection to self, each other and the world. They are here to grow and explore their sexuality, spirituality, contributions and more. They are clear that they are here to serve the greater good of society and themselves. Which are you???

An Open Apology To The Feminine – PART II

Men, we are not less than for apologising. We are not weak, meek and passive. When we own who we are, we are liberated, empowered and free to grow and expand. Forgiveness (seeking or accepting) is expansive and is a sign of fucking strength.

The Fullest Expression

There comes a time when we realize we are more than just how we express in to the world.

There is a fine line between giving, receiving, observing and being active in our action taking.

This recognizing of who we are at depth, whilst recognizing the intricate layers that we are made of frees us from the pain of limited expression and rigid posturing.

The Great Divide

Space… The great divide. I am not speaking to the space we may know as outer space, the cosmos or the universe. I am referring to the space we require in relationships. We forget the utter importance of what space provides us.
Space is a bridge. Attraction, eroticism, connection and intimacy not only comes from closeness, but it comes from space, distance and a yearning to be in each other’s presence. And the creation of space is an “art”. Too much and one is perhaps forgotten, not often enough and one may feel suffocated and the loss of magnetism.

The Conscious Warriors Guide To Living A Life Of Purpose

The conscious warrior is the artist of his/her life. When we speak to purpose we often refer to living a life of clarity, direction and wisdom. We often observe those who live in or on purpose as individuals that were born with this innate gift of…

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