Healthy Intimacy Vs. Unhealthy Intimacy

Naturally trusting

Close and open sharing

Freedom in expression

Liberated heart


Fluid and free

Grounded in inspiration

Confident and assured vs Codependent Forced closeness

Wearing masks

Protected and shut down

Rigid – can only be one way

Rigid and structured

Fear of loss driven

Scarcity based

We all yearn for connection, touch, understanding and a wanting to be seen. We often create barriers to this level of trusted connection due to certain traumatic or painful experiences we have had and the beliefs we have then formed around these experiences.

In other words, what we have made them mean and our attachment in identity to them. To bridge this gap we must explore the unseen, move through our stuff, embrace it, acknowledge it and release, forgive and cease to suppress it.

This requires patience, a deliberate approach and an open heart. To move away from the old patterns of relating that have kept us safe when we were young but no longer serve us now requires effort.

I shut people out in the past as I was afraid of getting hurt because this was one of the stories I thought was true – let people in and that affection will be quickly taken away. I wanted them close yet was too scared to let them in. This caused confusion, volatility (replicating my childhood) and immature masculine expression.

I had enough of the tug of war and you can too… You can begin to stop coming from conditioned and reactive places and begin to live from more open and ready places if you wish. The choice is yours. What will you choose?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Sacred Invitation

There is something magnificent about the human gaze… Particularly that of a woman. She is able to show so much of who she is, what has been and what will be.

As men, it is an honour to witness the sacredness of the gaze. This invitation into the soul and essence of a woman’s world liberate us from overthinking.

Ten Ways To Break Up Like A Boss

How does one break up with someone when one realizes that they’re not for you anymore? Now, when I say breaking up like a boss, what we’re talking about is breaking up in a way that respects them and respects you.

Unlocking The Celebration Of Man

Our men are good. Our men do good. Can we focus on what our men have to offer? Can we focus on the goodness of man? Unlocking and unleashing the power of man can be everything.

Can we look at man and celebrate his achievements, his aspirations and his prowess? Can we gaze deeply in to the soul of man and feel his purity of intention.

The Underestimating Of Female Power

As a collective energy and historically men have disregarded the sacredness of women – the authentic power they bring and the presence they contain.
The narrative has been one of discrimination, segregation, divide, oppression and minimisation…

Boys To Men

Now more than ever we need REAL MEN. The rite of passage of man is so important. We miss a vital aspect of our intra- and interpersonal growth and expansion when we miss a legitimate rite of passage.

The word teenager was not commonly used before the 20th century. Why? Because, when we look at the path of man we can see a linefeed and distinct path of either rapid growth or rapid decline.

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