The Resplendent Queen


For all of the women and the empowered, clear feminine within that have touched my life and impacted me… My queen, my muse – Christine, I love you and thank you for all that you are.

The vast women carrying so much depth, wisdom, reverence for men and clarified maturity who are entering my perception is humbling.

There are women that are emerging honouring and revering, trusting and respecting the aware and healthy masculine that rising.

This is a tribute to acknowledge the minority (yet rising) that you occupy. To acknowledge your courage and presence in this space.

The manner in which you are honouring the men of today that are conscious of their actions and not crucifying the masculine collective (past and present) for what has transpired.

Your open heart, forgiveness, compassion, deep and innate wisdom being tapped in to is profound, humbling and awe-inspiring.

On behalf of the collective masculine presence, we thank you for your patience, your insight and your ability to view what is evolving as something constructive and growth promoting.

The unity consciousness you / we are promoting is breathtaking. This is what will unite us, bond us and unify us.

This recognising of us requiring to merge. To forgive, accept, assume responsibility and grow together is what will liberate us from holding on to past trauma and pain.

Yes, there is more than just this. We have to ‘work’ together. Put in deep effort, admit, forgive, own, feel, hold, breathe, be present to and surrender.

And with deliberate and open intention we can. Together, we can move past failed systems, dysfunctional relationships, systemic prejudices, disconnected cultural paradigms and implicit fears.

I/we cannot thank you enough for what you are pioneering, innovating and the space you are holding when you have many reasons not to.

You intrinsically know that to ostracise, judge and limit will only cause further disparity, isolation and pain.

To forgive the past and present is a fucking massive undertaking. The admiration and honour I have for you is immense. Thank you.

Thank you for trusting us, believing in us and seeing our truth and potential. There are no guarantees, so knowing very well that we may not live to that potential but knowing also if you surrender, forgive, hold and be open, that we very well may.

We recognize it has not been easy, the path has been turbulent. It has been unsafe and in many ways still is. We are earning your trust as we come in to greater wholeness within ourselves, further igniting and inspiring that divine spark within ourselves.

Our acknowledgment and ownership of this moving us away from subjugation in to clear and clean leadership. Our attractiveness derived deeply not from what we ‘do’ solely but who we are intrinsically. The coming in to our natural state a catalyst for your nearing.

Our ownership of our gifts and power as men and your non-judgment and holding as women. Our realization around our truth and presence, your willingness to surrender and release. Our yearning to be and do better because we are and your ability to receive and fully see that. Our witnessing of truth and not lies and your compassion in gifting that.

And it is here, where his potential is actualised that he may serve his own path with honour and courage and serve the queens of this earth with dignity and grace – the internal self, the beloved, every woman and Gaia.

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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