Healing the Goddess Wound

Healing the goddess wound is going to require effort from all of us. The goddess was once revered. Time to bring this honouring back. What is the goddess wound? It is the suppression of the divine potential and value of the feminine expressive that we all require in order to live harmoniously and flourish sexually, socially, relationally and technologically.

This does not negate the masculine. The masculine is also essential and the healthy, balanced masculine has also been suppressed and forgotten. However, the goddess is so needed.

Why is the goddess needed? The goddess carries magical and powerful innate AND intrinsic value. It has been forgotten for so long that we have negated her worth and have lost touch with her beautiful gifts. Her gifts are needed in order to free her spirit once again and transcend the imposed limitations we as a collective (together — knowingly and unknowingly) have placed on her expression.

The feminine also wishes to be self-expressive and feel herself through her unadulterated, non-restrictive and unlimited movement. The healthy masculine also yearns deeply for this. Without this expression, we are fractured, frightened and confused. Goddess, we want to feel you shine.

When the goddess rises she grants permission for the masculine to stand strong. Her wisdom, compassion and non-judgment allow us to step into deeper states of self-forgiveness and our own eternal movement. Our power shines through. We protect with prowess, not because others are weak, but because we can with honour.

The goddess is not to be feared, she is to be revered. Her uninhibited expression is being called forward. The masculine is choosing to be a safe container and welcoming the FULL gifts of all of the feminine goddess. We await you.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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