The Value of Man

Men, the woman in your world wants you to roar. She wants you to own your darkness, your primality, the part of your core essence society tells you to deny and suppress.

The feminine wants to know that YOU know all of YOU. That you are not afraid of your “ugly”. That you see the beautiful in your ugly and that you are prepared to own it all.

The woman in your life does not want to feel your out-lash in messy, unconscious and uncontrollable means. She requests that your intensity is expressed and transmuted through mastered and inspired passion.

The feminine desires certainty and safety around the manner in which you relate to your aggression, your power, your presence and your strength. The only “off-limits” is the unconscious and reckless action of self in to the world.

When we disregard and ignore parts of ourselves, we also ignore those parts that we value and are candidly open with, such as our compassion and our ability to tap in to our hearts. To be true to self, we must own all of who and what we are, without shame and then consciously CHOOSE to be different in alignment with values such as inclusivity, reverence and mutual empowerment.

Men carry great gifts. How we use our gifts matters and is of great importance. It’s not about “controlling” our fire. It’s about transmuting the energies to serve a higher purpose. Whilst honoring our ancestors, roots and biological profiling actually all matters. We have also evolved and changed immensely.

This tells that us a new version of man is required. What does this look like? Well, we are shaping that now – determined largely by our rapid evolutions. And let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

There is great value in some of where man has come from. Courage, mastery, honor, strength – admirable and pragmatic virtues that blend our biology and our culture. Our masculinity is layered. It begins with owning ALL of who we are and transmuting that which isolates.

It’s using the power of that energy to be redirected in such a way that serves our highest good and all of humanity. The energy that feeds our appetite for destruction can be redirected in to passion and powerful action for conserving our environment.

Man is inherently GOOD (caring, inclusive, thoughtful, in integrity). When we assume responsibility for our power and our gifts we grow together. We recognize our goodness and thrive.

When we hide away from all of who we are, we deny the world of our glory. Men, do the work. Go deep. Explore the inner chasms of your world like our ancestors explored uncharted lands. Be the epitome of presence and love from the heart.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Doing The Inner Work

Firstly, this isn’t a gender thing. It’s a people thing. We are often really scared of change.
This is often a tough one in relationships. We want people to change with us, to do what we do, try what we try, feel what we feel and share similar interests.
At a primal level, it is our nervous system feeling safe in the presence of familiarity. Additionally, when we share similar paths, values and interests we are all part of the “in-group”. In social psychology, this is crucial to one’s feeling of being safe and surviving.

The Inner Wounded Child

See that little child in your lover. There is a little one inside each of us.
We become confused because when we are hurt by the actions of adults. We see adults who “should know better”. We witness mature, developed adults taking actions that are hurtful, malicious & laden with intent.

Our Untapped Power

“See before you can see”.

There is so much that we don’t ‘see’ with our eyes. Whilst our eyes play such an important role in directing the course of our lives reality, ‘there is more to us than meets the eye’…

We are intuitive beings connected to our environment. Multidimensional, multifaceted and multi learning beings.

Are You Too Obsessed With Self-Love?

We needn’t be perfection in order to have a healthy relationship because at our core we are already perfection, we have forgotten this. We needn’t be FULLY healed of all of our past trauma to be in a healthy relationship. We need to be WILLING, clear, communicative and open-hearted.

Owning Anger

I’ve been angry at people, myself, collective leadership, culture and everything that isn’t “seamless” in life. I’m judging myself and not owning my anger. I’m stuck in a pattern of pitying myself and thinking I’m weak because I am angry. Whilst I’ve been aware of it, I haven’t slowed down ENOUGH to digest feeling the accumulation of the collective panic, I have been in “response mode”.

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