Take Her To God

Remind her that SHE IS a Goddess. Take her to places she never has gone before. Welcome the full expression of her being to permeate the space in which she occupies. Your permission is the congruency and integrity of your presence. You don’t ask for permission, you are permission by your endearing actions and the wisdom that is you.

Be gentle, yet hold fucking strong. Know when to pull, feel when to push. Create a knowing of safety through the obviousness and consistency of your actions – the way you gaze at her, feel her, caress and protect her.

Be there. Do not speak, simply posture. Stand vertical, be stable in your presence. Let her know you are an immovable mountain, ready to receive her love and her attention. Don’t be afraid to think CONSCIOUSLY with your cock and not COGNITIVELY with your brain.

Hold your gaze, your tone and your voice solid, clear, unwavering. Treat her as if she is an extension of your divine power – SHE IS. Feel her body every time as if it’s the first time.

Revel and marvel in her beauty. As she parades for you, enticing you forward and in to her being, pull back, let her know you have mastery of your domain and your approach towards her is yours.

Now take her fully, consume the essence of who she is. Allow her scent to glaze your senses. Know your worth when you enter her. Know your power and your ‘equal to’ responsibility when you hold her.

Worship her for the Goddess that she is. Bow to her feet. Caress her hair, bathe in her radiance, allow her timeless wisdom to stimulate your senses and your power within.

Feel the erection of your internal energy raise in vibratory prowess as you penetrate her mind with your solarity; placing your hands on her womb – as those hands carry the eternal and infinite force of all the Gods before and after you.

Be in remembrance of her sacrifices, her willingness and her surrender to the divine within you. Encouraging you to remember your own source of Godliness and divinity.

Honor her and pay homage to the unfolding of her eternal lotus flower and awaken her sexual force with the holding of your gaze and importantly the worshiping of her essence.

Be the God she needs you to be by showing up to her needs in such a way that is both freeing and certain. Feel her needs by listening to her breath so that she needs nothing more.

Do not doubt her, do not question her with your words and your worldly intellect. Be there, just fucking be there. Place your mouth on her entry to cosmic magic and breathe life in to her being, whilst being open to her grace and receiving from her own power and consciousness.

Be the God she knows you to be – be real, be truthful, honor your own code, adhere to your physicality, own your soul and BE for her what she is for you. Act, don’t think. Present, don’t retract… She awaits all that you are.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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