We Are Not Weakened In Luxury And Comfort

Men, YES… you can be in this world of luxury and comfort and not be softened and weakened by it.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with luxury and ease in life. In fact, it is something we all naturally pursue with zest. However, too much of it can make us weak, can hinder our ability to live an authentic life, where we abiding by some of our natural states.

We are here because our ancestors fought to be here. We have evolved through the selecting of optimal biology, cultural adaptations and intelligence. According to human history only 30% of men reproduced. This was due to the fact that early humans were largely non-monogamous.

Those who were able to procreate were those who took risks, who ventured in to the unknown and explored, who challenged the norm, who went beyond the safe, who assumed leadership, took charge and who carried the intelligence, insight, strength, and courage to become act on their intuition.

The men who did not have the prowess to be successful died childless. We have descended from the strongest, most adept, fastest, most aware, bravest men of the past: history’s dominant and powerful males. It is not inconceivable to think that the blood of greatness runs through our veins.

A world of plenty makes us complacent, weak and lazy. When we seek challenge, we are honouring our evolution. When we become physically adept, knowing within ourselves that we are ready for war, scarcity or the next Zombie apocalypse we are being fucking GOOD at being men.

When we become consumed by society’s plenty and are purely polarised by this, blinded by the ease of access that drapes our every experience – the plethora of simplicity that allows us at times to be mindless drones and we do not seek to be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually we are decaying at every level.

We are not honouring our rich heritage of strength, courage, mastery, wit, cunningness, adeptness, willingness and prowess. We are becoming a dying breed of confirmatory pre-programmed, robotic, repetitive duplicates – with little autonomy, even less sovereignty and minimal appeal.

Women are fundamentally primally drawn to us by our yearning and ability to move through fear, to be ready to give our all, and to stand present to danger. There is something tantalising about the sacrifice. As scary as it is and as much as the feminine pursues peace and the masculine pursues conflict – the balance resides in seeing this dance for what it is.

A part of our truth and evolution. A woman knows that when she is fought for, when man proves his prowess through relentless pursuit his genes are something to take notice of. But it’s not just about genealogy. It’s more than this. Much more.

To activate our genes, our mindset of willingness, foresight, insight, wisdom and clarity must come in to play. Clarity to know what we are pursuing as men is something we deeply desire. This moves beyond biology and in to the mind/body experience. Are you ready for ‘anything’, are you connected to nature, are you willing to delve in to the realm of the unknown?

The point is you were born to be challenged, this form of challenge in facing the unknown and not being complacent has brought you here today. I am not stating that you start gang warfare to get a buzz, I am saying observe your life and ask yourself: “Am I too consumed by the culture of complacency and am I really growing in life? Am I happy with my body and strength, courage and prowess or am I hiding?”

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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