Sacred Sexuality

The practical sense of REAL and TRUE sacred sexuality is supporting and seeing each other through uncertainty and vulnerability.

Sacred sexuality allows us not to hide, to be open in our bodies.

Sacred sexuality allows us to trust. This frees us so we do not harbour pain and tension.

Sacred sexuality has the courage to express your NO when you are scared and your YES when you want to open your heart.

Sacred sexuality is showing all of you, without shame or embarrassment.

Sacred sexuality is appreciating yourself at such depth that the giving of YOU is not filtered.

Sacred sexuality is trusting your lover at such depth that receiving is completely open, transparent and immediate.

Sacred sexuality is going beyond just skin to skin.

Sacred sexuality is choosing to alchemise and transmute your pain into pleasure.

Sacred sexuality is seeing your beloved for all that they are. The “good”, the “bad”, the “ugly”, not judging and shaming them.

Sacred sexuality is NOT trying to make others fit into your model of the world. Its acceptance at the deepest level intersecting with a profound knowledge of your needs and desires and then speaking that into the world.

Sacred sexuality is being willing to explore. The fundamental tenant to true connection.

Sacred sexuality is unconditional/conditional love. I’ll let you sit with that for a moment…

Sacred sexuality is a visceral connection, intimate union and sex that will elevate all of that which you are and catapult you into the cosmos.

Sacred sexuality is unified merging, there is a blending where all becomes one, there are no borders, there is no you, there is no them, there is only one ‘I’.

Sacred sexuality is wild, sensual, slow, fast, erotic, placid, profound, simple, familiar, unpredictable and everything in-between and outside.

Sacred sexuality is watching each other bloom without wishing to alter the unfolding of magic emanating from self.

Sacred sexuality is AMAZING SEX.

Sacred sexuality requires fear. Because as fear arises (yes, we are human), the opportunity is to MOVE THROUGH the fear and this then becomes the act of SACREDNESS.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Sacred Witnessing Within All Men

Men, can we observe, can we just be? Can we simply observe the tides that rise and fall within our minds? Can we feel the ebb and flow of our hearts? Can you witness all that is you, all that you have been and all that you may become? Can you change the direction of your course by acknowledging your authentic power…?

The Domestication Of Man

Our time to excel in a way we have not before is here. We are being asked by our higher selves to forge a version of man that rises above the chaotic nature of our time and expand in consciousness.

The Wounded Boy-Like Masculine

Right now our world needs structure, healthy transparency, a sense of healthy confidence and an ability to put away the ego and come together in greater harmony and compassion.

The wounded aspects of self are rising to the surface in a rapid way for both the feminine and masculine wounding. This means that we will feel more pressure, more pain and more uncertainty.

Our Head – Her Womb

Where is the most amazing place to be? The most sacred? The most profound and the most connected? The immediate response is within our own sovereignty and our own being. Here is where we cultivate real and authentic power…

The Pursuit Of Rawness

There is something sacred, yet tantalizingly fucking sexy about exposing ourselves in complete rawness to another living being.

To be seen for who we are, what we are, what we perceive and what we bring to the world in rawness, open vulnerability and the risk of being completely rejected is exhilarating yet epically scary.

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