Go Deep To Go Far

There is so much superficial shit out there. The problem isn’t superficiality, the ‘puzzle’ (as opposed to the problem) is we remain in the superficial for too long. We are to scared to venture in to the deep (we will come back around to this).

The superficial is actually healthy and a place where we can find common ground. Imagine being on a date – getting to know someone and your first question is: “so tell me your deepest childhood trauma”?

Why even bother to know that depth if there is a mismatch or misalignment at the superficial level. The superficial is where our surface values exist. Can we get along? Do we have similar interests? Do our differences complement each other? Are we allergic to each other? Are we a match sexually and physically?

When we gain clarity here, we have now laid a foundation for growth. Our issue is we do not venture beyond this point and our interest and relationship becomes stagnant. So, how do we shift this phenomenon that so many of us find ourselves in?

GO DEEP! Muster up the courage to ask the questions that will challenge you, not appease you. Get to want to know the layers of yourself and others. Venture in to the mystery, have difficult conversations, challenge your beliefs, take risk, do something wild, don’t live in absolute comfort – this only causes the rotting of your soul, heart and relationship.

What can you do to really shift the old you? To not be so attached to what is familiar? To break the ego and give it new meaning? To SEE your beloved and yourself with a fresh set of eyes and a new lens? How can you grow by being different and going beyond the norm, the obvious and the easy?


One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Keeping It Real

For us to love each other we must respect each others anger.

Fierceness is an expression of inner strength; violence is an expression of frustrated, unconscious impotence. To disagree when in Union is natural.

We think disagreement is bad! What looks like a fight is maybe the fierceness of love raging passionately in to the space that lovers occupy. More often than not, it’s individuated wounding rising to the surface.

Better OUT than IN

My beautiful grandmother would tell me to never hold farts in. In Italian, she would say often “Always out, never in.” I remember this distinctly, and then she would burp and I would laugh hysterically. She was the best! I then would run around farting and get excited to go to the toilet haha! I now often think about the real life implications of ‘out’.

Clarity Is King

Men, clarity is the pathway to freedom, love, liberation, openness and all that we desire.

Clarity for all of us is an embodied state that has the potential to allow us to live a full life.

Clarity is the precursor to feeling fully. Without a clear mind, heart and body we are ‘dirty channels’ for the transmission of wisdom and empowerment.

The Holding Through The Storm

Men, this is for us. To work through our ‘stuff’ – to drop the facade, the ego and ‘do the work’. To come to peace with who we are and be the conscious warriors we were born to BE!

Making Peace With Our Destiny

When we make peace with the parts of our lives that challenge our will and reality, we soften in to the power that is life. We often attach ourselves to the idea of what we are ‘meant to be’, who we are meant to be, what we are meant to be, how we are meant to feel and why we are here…

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