Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

The Sacred Witnessing Within All Men

Men, can we observe, can we just be? Can we simply feel the tides that rise and fall within our minds? Can we adjust to the ebb and flow of our hearts? Can you witness all that is you, all that you have been and all that you may become? Can you change the direction of your course by acknowledging your authentic power?

But how does one cultivate authentic power? Through sincere, persistent, resilient, compassionate and deliberate exploration of the self. And this combination of postures is key to becoming a connected and witnessing man.

To Truly Be A Witness

To be a witness means you also must be witnessed. To be witnessed requires an opening of the self. It means that as men, we must show the world and those we love the core of our essence. This entails our hearts to open, our minds to expand and our choices to be connected and inclusive.

As men, we must remember who we are? Who we have been and who we are becoming. We have forgotten that we are bound to our balanced counterparts. That we are here to live in harmony with women, to compliment their being, to enhance and evolve each other and expand our own sense of self through conscious posturing.

Those That Truly Care

We are not here to wage war on those that are here to nurture us, support us, guide us and be near us. We have been fed lies of segregation, division, separation, and isolation. At some level, we have been TOLD that women are our enemy. That our ego’s are superior to the women in our lives.

We have been demanded to prioritise values that are not our own. Values that are distant from who we truly are, what we truly desire. We all wish to be connected and bonded. To be contributing members to our communities that carry meaning in our actions.

Our Sacred Masculinity 

There is a sacredness in masculine lineage that permeates our being and flows deeply through us. We have this tremendous capacity to reawaken our power of bringing life together, for holding that sacred space where our female counterparts may then give birth to life.

This is our truth. Our truth to hold in reverence our ability to protect and permeate life. We are not better, or worse, we are simply different. And it is this difference that must be first acknowledged and then embraced…

There is an eloquence and a courage to man, a power that embraces the potential for inclusivity, rawness, gentleness and presence. This presence defy’s discrimination, cultural clutter, socialised limitation and subjugation.

The Call

There is a wild wind that calls the core of man to shine through the falsified armour that has been laid on his bare chest. As men we have created this posturing. At times unknowingly, at other times with full awareness.

We have lost ourselves in this dark ocean of facade and complexity, of inauthentic power and forced and then habitual oppression. There is an ancient whispering that speaks to our hearts – one of connectedness, one of protection, one of all-knowing.

When we choose to witness this unfolding within ourselves, we essentially are choosing to honour our authentic power. This giving of ourselves to ourselves, allows others to see us fully and profoundly.

There is a sacred alchemical process that transpires. One of ignorance to awareness. Harshness to clarity. Bemusement to consciousness. This realisation allows our hearts to open and our minds to expand.

Listening To The Ancient Sound That Calls

There is an ancient wisdom that permeates our own presence. That roots itself deep in to Mother Earth. We are more connected than we think. We think too much and in this thinking we seperate ourselves from the truth of mergence.

There is a wisdom that wishes to express itself fully within our own inner kingdom. This kingdom, once unleashed is liberating for all who touch this space. This wisdom is a posturing, not an intellectual analysis. We have misplaced our balance.

Cultural restraints and constructs have limited and oppressed not only women, Earth, children and aspects of collective progress but the individual expression and innate power of men also.

Shifting Our Disconnection 

We have disconnected from the sacredness of our inner paradigm, our inner temple. We have forgotten who we truly are. Great connectors and holders of truth and light. We are boundless, fathomless and profound in our movement – if only we allow ourselves to be.

No longer will rigid, limiting and oppressive structures such as isolated Patriarchy hold us and place us in a box of division and pain, fear and mindlessness. We are mindful men, ready to explore the fullness and wholeness of consciousness.

We must cease to treat women as seperate, the divine feminine is here to support, to encourage, to be heard, felt and be seen, to understand, to transcend and to step in too her power. Can we support? Can we hold? Can we move with? Yes, we can…

To silence our feminine counterparts is to silence aspects of our selves. To remain in the shadows because of guilt, shame, ignorance and customised habitual patterns is to continually be caught in cycles of fear, which limits our expression further.

The Waging War Within

There is a war waging within, it needn’t be this way. Perhaps, initially we must feel this tearing of the inner chasm of self, to be with it, understand it, know it, feel it fully. Not isolate or polarise (as the have done for so long), but to be with – to remain here ‘forever’ however, is not necessary. To live and perceive this place as the only space to occupy is only going to divide us further.

We are here to simultaneously honour ourselves and honour those that walk beside us. We are not here to judge harshly, ostracise or negate. We are here to prop up, propel and provide our wisdom and strength.

If we continue to not witness our power as banded brothers, if we continue to compete in unhealthy, non-cooperative ways we will cause deeper tearing in the fabric of our relating and we will move further away from conscious relating.

It is time to consciously relate, to empower and to explore fully our potential. Men, I ask you to awaken to your authentic power, to move through the unhealthy aspects of self and rise in togetherness, whilst all the while maintaining your sovereignty.     

Removing The Constraints – Freedom

Connect to the sacredness of your masculinity – the one you have buried for so long, the one that you have negated, the one that you neglect. Be with the fullness of this. It is yours. Own it. Be with it. Express it freely and embody it completely.

These shackles of self-imposed enslavement is not who we are. We are better than this, we are wiser than this, we are more than this. Awake from the nightmare of discontinuity and embrace your immense power and strength.

You are born to be fierce, you are born to be connected, you are born to present, you are born to be the most profound and prolific version of you – one that is ready to transform the world, impact reality and support those you love by embodying all of this within yourself first.

This is our time to connect and to thrive.

One is always glad to be of service. S.Sifandos.

Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker
Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

Deep Honouring In Relationship – A Masculine Perspective

Our consciousness expands and new realities are forged in life. We are essentially growing into new more profound and aware versions of ourselves – this is what it is meant by ever-changing in reference to a man. To honour this process is to honour the power and truth of our path.

Owning Your Edge

Own who and what you are in the world. For a long time I hid away, fearful of being judged. If I wasn’t hiding I was compensating my fear of being seen and judged with a false bravado, inauthentic edge and aggressive entitlement.

Stress Is The High Achiever’s Word For Fear

Men are so afraid of fear… We don’t have a healthy relationship for fear, so we leverage semantics to make ourselves feel better. What is mental and emotional stress truly a byproduct of?

In today’s day and age, we are overworked, we overthink, we place rigid expectations on ourselves and we are constantly trying to outplay the Jones’s. Why? There are many reasons, but let’s focus on one.

The Talk To Trauma

We speak a great deal to the wounds of the past, the pain we have experienced ‘growing up’. We can be debilitated unknowingly by the pain we harbour within because we have been unable to release the tension certain experiences have caused us – the feeling of an endless mountain looms ahead.

A New Way To Look At Anger

When we pursue what we value with tenacity, unparalleled focus and a mindset of resilience we learn more about ourselves, our capacity and our power than almost any other means of self-discovery.

Let’s redefine aggression for a moment. Let’s look at aggression as inspired relentlessness. It’s a fuel source that sources our highest expression in to the world. Now, raw aggression in times of absolute survival is a different concept.

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