The Art Of Dying

I watched at extremely close proximity my grandparents suffer with physical and psychological ailments during their twilight years. It was hard to watch them deteriorate and be immobile in everyday simple life. Whilst they handled this like bosses, it was interesting to witness highly independent beings become highly reliant on others for basic functioning.

As I sit at an outdoor setting on a balmy summer evening in Geneva, having finished dinner, I observed an elderly man in his 80’s move with great difficulty and pain. I can’t help but wander the future path of our connected humanity. We often take for granted the little things in life.

What is the current and future state of man’s responsibility specifically? Masculine energy is a providing energy and the masculine drives purpose. How can we drive purpose in times of ageism? How can we truly know ourselves and our needs if we refuse to learn from our ancestors and elderly?

In older times the elderly were deeply revered and both men and women alike were seen for the well of infinite wisdom that they were. Elders became beacons of light that held valuable tradition, passed on knowledge, held hope for our youth and provided depth and substance to community.

The strength of our tribes were predicated largely on the integrity of the way we guided, supported and treated each stage of generational evolution. The power of each tribe was connected to the vital roles each person played. Active leadership was initiated and executed by the physically able. Eternal guidance was provided by the elderly. And the youth learned the ways of community through deep observation.

We often take for granted the “simple things”. Going to the toilet in a sanitary manner, sneezing without pain, walking up one flight of stairs, remembering an 8 digit phone number and so much more. When we neglect our elderly and place them in the “too hard basket”, we are essentially denying our own future.

Becoming older needn’t all be about destitute and pain. AND, it can naturally unravel that way. Exercising patience, compassion, care and sincere love for those in our lives that are losing their capacity to be more autonomous is actually liberating for our own journey.

When we come together as a community in this way and observe ALL of the moving parts that make us whole (inclusive of how we treat each other at every stage of development and life), we grow as a powerful tribe.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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