‘Fighting’ The Resistance

To Feel Safe Or Not To Feel Safe

Do you feel unsafe in your life? To feel safe, immerse in the unsafe, familiarise yourself with this state so that it no longer becomes the unknown. Make the uncomfortable deeply comfortable and from here you will flourish. Through deep teachings bestowed upon me by a beautiful being who has guided me through the traversing of life I have come to ‘know’ and feel more than I once did. Simply put, this is growth, this is all I can ask for in any given moment. It is all any of us may ask for…
There comes a instance in our lives where we must decide – truth or fallacy / progress or regress. We must decide to either surrender or to clench with such tension and constriction that we so quickly forget what we are battling or fighting against.

An Opportunity For Growth

It is true that every experience in life teaches us that there is an opportunity for growth and expansion. The ancient mystics knew this well. Across many philosophies and a multitude of disciplines it is said that through deep pain, there is a profound opportunity for insight and growth. But growth of what precisely? The growth of our being in every conceivable manner. The poignant connection to this truth is what will allow us to literally expand the realm of conceivable possibility – what is actually possible for our conscious reality.

The taking of our limited awareness of our own being and environment and expanding that scope to be inclusive of something more profound, more connected, more open, more loving, with greater depth, understanding, gnosis and compassion. In this expansive state (as opposed to contracted state) we view the world differently – we view the world from a place of care, of meaningful contact and of blessing.

Fighting – Tension – Survival

In the fight, all there is is tension, survival, pain, disharmony, disconnection and an inauthentic power struggle that simply focuses on winning for the sake of ‘winning’ – not for any other reason but to win. The ego only wishes to survive and survive it shall do. It shall do it with all that it knows and all that it is. It clings to knowing so intensely that there is no other perceived way.
When we choose to move away from distortion and disconnection, we move towards the embracing of symbiotic polarity. Here polarity is recognised as gift and a tool – contrast is provided in understanding ourselves at depth and ultimately merging what we fear with what we know… WOW…

Recognising The Truth

Here, in this recognisable moment of deeply profound truth we must choose to fight the resistance, to flow with with is. But what does this mean to us pragmatically. It means that we reach an inwardly derived place of gnosis that screams loudly to us and states that if we continue to fight with what we fear, we will remain locked in a vicious cycle of repetition that does not serve us. It is an immersion in to the unknown that shall liberate our being beyond our own recognition.
When we trust, we release and we FEEL freedom. In order to trust, we must be acquainted with the fullness of what, who and why we are. We are infinite potential; we are divine / authentically entitled beings and we are here (in consciousness) to grow and to expand – not to contract and regress. When we fight aimlessly and egoically from fear – we limit our expression, our potential and our ability to grow.

Choosing Love

What if you chose love? What if at every junction point or crossroads in your life where instead of avoiding challenging enquiry you confronted with ease, joy and grace your circumstances and asked: “What would love do now”?
What if in this instance you chose to submerge deep in to the beauty of the darkness of the unknown and unchartered terrain and chasms of the infinite nature and depth of your being? What would life look like? How would it present? What would you feel? Would tension dissipate and free your mind to explore openly, whilst liberating your heart to feel wildly?
We resist what we fear and what we resist simply persists. What if we confronted our perceived fears with an essence of grace that allowed to us to observe every pain point, every fear and every disguised aspect of self from a perspective of potential. Potential to grow, become and connect to the essence of love.
Love in its truest form is formless and indescribable. But the paradox is that fear (the antithesis of love) is describable across many typologies. So understanding fear, immersing in fear, confronting fear with an intention to learn, to live, to feel, to breathe and to be shall draw us closer towards the undefinable, towards the elusive and towards the sacred.

Move Towards Truth

Why must we distance ourselves from what we misunderstand or do not know? Why must we fear fear itself and why must we negate the power of immersion and wholeness. Polarising our being and fragmenting our relationships and our relationship to self only leads to cloudiness, fogginess and dissolution. We have an opportunity right here and right now to grow beyond measure and give to ourselves the gift of life, breath and love.
Can you expose and bare your soul to all that is bestowed before you? To every experience you encounter so that you may live through the fullness that is love? SO that you may give all that you are to those in your lives that matter, that carry intrinsic meaning and fulfilment?
Breathe through your pain, be with your pain, embrace your pain and treat your fear and pain as something that will unlock you from the shackles of ignorance, liberate you from inner tension, draw you from fragmentation towards wholeness and ultimately allow you to immerse in to infinite cosmic union with all that you are.
One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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