Our Head – Her Womb

Where is the most amazing place to be? The most sacred? The most profound and the most connected? The immediate response is within our own sovereignty and our own being. Here is where we cultivate real and authentic power.

And taken that I am you, you are me, we are we, that we are atoms of the same source and all that is unified awareness and consciousness is one in the same, this acknowledgement allows us to first and foremost be connected to what is immediately tangible and within – our own powerful selves.

We may even place attention to our hearts, feeling in to our heart space, the somewhat centre of our physicality and realise that this power that we wield, that we hold and that we may connect to is so brilliant that we needn’t look elsewhere.

Integrating the contrast that is life within self first and foremost is an undertaking and something of value. It is in this space and along this journey that we grow deeply and realise so much about the ‘nature of reality’.

But, alas, we are relational beings. And in intimate relationship we are connected deeply to ourselves and to each other. We are pro-social and ‘we thrive when we live in togetherness’. This is the beauty of being human.

So, where is the most sacred place for us to rest our weary heads? To gain clarity and to feel the fullness of life, and life force permeating through all that matters and all that is?

The womb. The softness of your beloved’s womb is where life stands in stillness and silence and it is here we marvel in at the secrets of the cosmos as they unravel themselves – this is the power of the sacred feminine.

But she cannot unveil this truth, without the trusted confidence and consciousness of the empowered masculine that is there to receive.

Here, in this space, all that troubles you may pass and all that ever will be will simultaneously transpire. The power of this space is so profound that life itself flourishes, expands and grows in to something of such value and worth that it may not be traded for anything.

If you feel unsafe, be here. If you feel disconnected, be here. If you feel unworthy, be here. If you feel inadequate, be here. If you feel ‘de-pressed’, be here – feel here – breathe here and rest here. Ask first if you may lay and rest your troubled mind on this place of sacredness.

To lay with your beloved holding her, allowing her wisdom to permeate your being-ness as you penetrate her with your authentic presence.

This dance, this interlude, this interchange is something sacred that may only transpire through deliberate action, intensity, integrity and intention in movement and consciousness in communication. Softly caress the place where life is given with your powerful truth.

Own that which you are. Know that you are replenishing yourself by being here, by laying here and by breathing here. Know that by owning your need for reprieve and that it is here you choose to be, you are giving your beloved the gift of authentic presence, vulnerability and truth.

As she empowers you, energises you and feeds your soul, you become replenished energetically and spiritually. Your consciousness deepens its connections to source, you become discerning, clear and confident once again and you are then able to fiercely protect, express, give and live fully.

All any of us need is to be surrounded by wholeness, fullness and connectedness. To first cultivate this within our own faculties and to then recognise it elsewhere.

This oscillation between essentially what is giving and receiving transpires through our intention to be present to each other. There is nothing wrong with giving to each other. Sharing with each other and loving each other in this way.

It is a gift to ourselves and as we continue to create this openness within ourselves, we grow together and bond in deepened intimacy. The resting of our heads upon the birth place of life itself is something to be revered and a gift to the evolution of our soul.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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