Entering A Woman Consciously

Dedicated to my queen…

Conscious sexuality and sex becomes an integrated and holistic experience as opposed being solely reduced to a biological one. There is an understanding that sex is a deep spiritual (connected) practice that allows us to delve in to the depths and richness of the human experience.

It is beyond sensory pleasure, yet is so profoundly inclusive of it. the interaction itself is a merging of souls, a fusing of heart, a bonding of mind and a mutual exploration of unity consciousness. What is the key that unlocks the potential for soulful, expanded sex?

Willingness, surrender and presence.

Willingness to explore the unknown, to go against the grain of normative structures and societal perceptions of sex. Sexual union is just that. It is cultivating union amongst individual sparks of consciousness. It is willingness to gaze in to the eyes of your beloved and realise that God, creation and the essence of our humanity resides just there, acting as a mirror to gaze in to your own soul.

Willingness to share and to feel fully all that may transpire within the paradigm of human potentiality. To share oneself, experiences, pains, fears, greatest accomplishments whilst raw, vulnerable and make in front of each other. Willingness to not judge but rather embrace. This is conscious sex.

Surrender – an ability to be vulnerable and surrender the past, surrender to the unknown, be open minded and hearted to merge in union and experience life through various lenses and the eyes of the other (aka: ourselves). Surrender what you think you know and surrender your erotic and highly sexualised self to the moment.

Surrender to the need to go beyond the superficial, surrender fully to your beloved and be ALL IN! A surrender to claiming what is yours and that is your right to non-attached pleasure. To give and to receive in equanimity and bliss.

To be present like never before. To have body, mind and heart occupying the space of complete attention to your beloved and complete attention to the honoring of your integrated being – body, mind, heart and spirit. To hold and exude presence like NO-OTHER-THING has any consequential meaning.

To hold presence at any cost. To be so present that you are felt without doubt or question. To know the most important experience of your life is unfolding and to own this fully. To know that every deep conscious sexual encounter requires complete attention and intention to want to BE there.

When we merge this vital force of sexual energy with the creator (the third entity) we experience the highest states of bliss. When man chooses to be in the presence of the divine feminine, he has a responsibility to revere the creative power that is her. In doing so, he recognises and takes ownership of his own creative prowess.

The entering of woman is more than physical penetration. It is a giving and receiving of a sacred spirituality. It is the feminine opening to, freeing and feeling her body, loving her body and enjoying her body. It is the masculine strength that will be allured by this enduring self-adoration, who then becomes turned ON and he moves to ravishment.

When the feminine gives that energy with no attachment and the masculine receives it allows the masculine to transmute that receiving in to presence and giving. It is here, that the divine dance of unified and soulful play transcends the sands of time and we enter a sacred space of suspension.

Suspended in bliss. Suspended in now. Here, merging is the norm, creation is the result and transcendence becomes the choice…

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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