Microwave Masculinity

The age of “microwave masculinity”, where we are attempting to box the masculinity of man in to quick fix, pill swallowing solution for stepping in to greater levels of ownership and action.

We are more than that…

Anything worth visioning is rarely felt fully in a lifetime. Yet, we are attempting to undo AND create what has been done for so long.

We have been boxed in concrete jungles – a jungle unfamiliar to man.

We have bred hyper-selfish disloyalty and suppressed guilt in man.

We have been asked to pursue vigorously at any cost and without balance – a concept disconnected for man.

We have been divided, isolated and we feel lonely – longing for intimacy that has been lost for millennia.

We have distanced ourselves from women, lost our ability to see and be seen – a failing of relationship that is costing us dearly.

We have been lost in a sea of endless corporate transactions, high pressure economics and a “keeping up with the Jones’s” that has become debilitating – a way of being devoid of healthy competition and collaboration.

We have been told the “lone wolf” is boss, in turn we have numbed our hearts. Isolating ourselves in order to be accepted by the status quo – no man is an island.

Microwave masculinity tells us to man up, harden up, kill, show aggression, rule with autocratic power, blame others, be loud and be violent in order to feel more “manly”.

Yes, men are born fighters, we are born to at some level to thrive in conflict, through the passing of difficulty we cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth. We are simply experiencing the wrong conflict in the wrong way and validating ourselves from ego, a cluttered mind and a disorientated heart.

We need to connect back to land deeply

Feel our hearts openly

Do something courageous

Have our vocations meet our careers

Bring that fire in our bellies and hearts again

Feel the earth with unwavering passion

Carry clarity beyond doubt

Connect to our women

Heal our pasts

See ourselves

Form solid brethren and share intimately

Create healthy challenges for our sovereignty

Reprioritize our values

And so much more…

There are no quick fixes and there needn’t be. Man must not pretend to be someone he is not. His masculinity is sacred and busying our lives only limits our capacity to truly connect and authentically feel.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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